Friday, January 10, 2020

IWISTAO HIFI Speaker Full Range 2.75 Inches Solid Wood Enclosure Inverte...

IWISTAO HIFI Speaker Full Range 2.75 Inches Unit 4 Ohm 15~30W 88dB Solid Wood Enclosure 1 Pair Inverted Structure

As you know, the greater the material density of the speaker enclosure, the less the vibration produced by the enclosure. Solid wood is more reflective of sound than other materials, and tightness of the wood is higher, and the sound can be effectively expressed by the vibration of the air inside the box. We often say that the sound of wooden speakers is warm, in fact, the word warm means the balance of tri-band that are low, medium and high frequency; if the frequency is too low or too high, it will make people feel uncomfortable. The advantage of wooden speaker is that its playback effect is good, the vibration of the sound inside the box is stable, and the sound effect will be balanced and full.

This speaker enclosure is handmade, and because of the inherent characteristics of solid wood, its appearance has the texture of solid wood itself. After the cabinet is polished, it is coated with paraffin oil. Buyers can be polished and waxed later to make it more interesting.

The speaker unit is selected from HIFI 2.75 inch full-range speaker unit, high sensitivity and wide sound range.

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