Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bluetooth High Speed Technology

Bluetooth High Speed Technology

Bluetooth high speed technology lets you quickly send video, music and other large files between your devices.

The Bluetooth SIG announced the release of Bluetooth high speed technology in April 2009 when it completed Bluetooth Core Specification Version 3.0 + HS. The v3.0 Specification enables the use of a Generic Alternate MAC/PHY, allowing well known Bluetooth protocols, profiles, security, and pairing to be used in consumer devices while achieving faster throughput by momentary use of a secondary radio already present in the device.(more Bluetooth product information, please visit http://www.wistao.com/en/index)

Bluetooth high speed technology is also included in the newer Bluetooth v4.0 Specification released in June 2010.

Bluetooth high speed technology works by isolating activity from the AMPs, enabling the use of new radios without full system integration. This reduces costs while expanding future build opportunities. It also removes the user from new paradigms and supports existing Bluetooth use cases, making them faster and ensuring continuity for the UX experience while lowering costs and reducing training requirements.

The v3.0 + HS enhancement to the Core Specification provides consumers with powerful, wireless connections that are more robust and reliable than ever before. Features include:
Power Optimization - By using the high speed radio only when you need it, Bluetooth high speed reduces power consumption, which means a longer battery life for your devices.

Improved Security - The Generic Alternate MAC/PHY in Bluetooth high speed enables the radio to discover other high speed devices only when they are needed to transfer your music, pictures or other data. Not only does this optimize power, but it also aids in the security of the radios.

Enhanced Power Control - Limited drop-outs are now a reality. The enhanced power control of Bluetooth high speed makes power control faster and ensures limited drop-outs, reducing consumer experience of impacts from power. Users are now less likely to lose a headset connection—even when the phone is in a coat pocket or deep inside a purse.

Lower Latency Rates - Unicast Connectionless Data improves the customer experience of speed by lowering latency rates, sending small amounts of data more quickly.

Influence Audio development of the two epoch-making technology - Bluetooth and MP3

Influence Audio development of the two epoch-making technology - Bluetooth and MP3 

We always like a stylish and fashion consumer electronic products like as iPhone or other smart phone, which have a lot of function such as playing music, playing game, reading, taking photos and other something except calling. But do you know it have two more favorite functions of playing music and Bluetooth configuration, which didn’t exist 20 years ago.

Let us guess: you’re probably reading this article on a laptop using high-speed internet. This article is probably competing for your attention against five other open tabs within your Google Chrome or IE browser. Metallica might be playing in the background, or even the Jackson 5.

But do you remember when all of that didn’t exist? Think back to a time when commercial music was still a luxury and concert tickets were purchased at a physical kiosk. Can’t do that? We must be getting old.

The fact is that the aforementioned technologies didn’t exist 20 years ago. We’re talking about a time before MP3s, iPhones, and Bluetooth. It was the dark days so prepare for a wild ride through tech history courtesy of your tour guides at Wistao Technology, the manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers and HIFI Bluetooth Acoustics. (more Bluetooth product information, please visit http://www.wistao.com/en/index).

1. Bluetooth - This beast of an invention, and arguably it’s favorite technology, was originally conceived in 1994 by Ericsson as an alternative to the old RS-232 data cables. Before long it was discovered that Bluetooth could connect many devices as a short range receiver that wouldn’t steal too much energy.The technology was soon introduced to numerous devices that allowed for hands-free calls, mass data sharing, and more. Now you can thank Bluetooth for many of your daily tasks including using your car for hands-free calling, wireless control of your cell phone, and yes listening to music on your Bluetooth speaker.

2. MP3 - We shudder when we remember jamming to Jewel on our old Walkmans. Jewel is still fantastic but the archaic technology with minimum storage capacity still haunts our nightmares. The MP3 file type was originally released to consumers in 1993 and only began to hit the internet in the latter half of 1994. With its introduction, consumers were able to easily compress songs meaning that more could fit onto a CD. This invention ultimately led the digital music revolution and became the forefather for how you consume music today.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

iWST Water Drop Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth 2.1 Portable Elegant Quality Sound (WBM2201)

iWST  Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth 2.1 Portable Elegant Water Drop Quality Sound (WBM2201) 

It like a water droplets of dawn which fall from green lotus leaf on pond!
It’s compact, exquisite and portable, the "drop" adopt bionic shape. What is it? It is a Bluetooth speaker (WBM2201) and hit market by Shenzhen Wistao technology recently. And it built in a quality, stability, and high performance Bluetooth module which adopt Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standard; Once it is connected with your smart mobile terminal (iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone, Tablet PC, Notebook, etc.) with Bluetooth connection, you can broadcast a wireless Bluetooth music, and its built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery internal, you no longer need to connect any cables or it can be placed in your favorite place, whether indoors or outdoors, or your bedroom with den, you can enjoy the wonderful wireless music; It’s beautiful sound, strong bass, can be filled with any of your indoor space.
Also it built in high-performance microphone, you can use it to answer the call hands-free; when a call comes in, the music player will switch to the phone call; a calling is end, music playback will automatically resume. Free to switch calls and listen to music!
It’s variety of colors to choose from emerald green, passion red, ivory white, classic black, there is always one your love.
 Specific specifications, please visit the products center, or http://www.wistao.com/products_show.html?513

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC and APT-X Technology

Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC and APT-X Technology

There is a saying, only you cannot think, but not impossible, your heart how far you can go far
For consumer electronics products, it has a property of general consumer products like as stylish appearance, in line with the characteristics of consumer tastes and trends. There are two ways to achieve industrial design but nothing more than the geometry or the bionic, this speaker with a geometric shape plus imitation of an object, and it is a "pill" imitation, specifically like a capsules which we eat a capsules usually when we have a cold. On the other hand, it is a "Times" of electronic products, it use NFC and APT-X technology. So, this Bluetooth speaker is a "Times" and the fashion consumer electronic products. It can play wonderful music with an NFC-enabled mobile phones to use “contact" mode like as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia contact the speaker. APT-X technology can be "easy and instant" spread music, and allows you to enjoy wonderful HIFI one. (More Bluetooth speaker information, please visit Wistao Technology website http://www.wistao.com)
Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC & Apt-x

Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC & APX-T Technology

t is a smallish, about 190cm, diameter 45cm with four speakers, and it booms bass in every room of the house without connecting any cables. The Pill frees you to roam which means you’ll always have high quality sound near or far, because communication distance for the Bluetooth speaker is up to 100m (30 feet).
The pill weighs only 310g, small and portable enough to hand into the backpack, it can also be taken to outdoor, can be placed anywhere where you want. Built-in high-performance microphone that it has become a standard Bluetooth speaker, you can use it hands-free Bluetooth calling.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Small Speakers That Still Pack A Big Punch

Small Speakers That Still Pack A Big Punch

Are you customers looking for speakers which may save your space and be convenience without cable-connecting and without sacrificing their bass sound quality? Then take a look for our rang of portable Bluetooth Speaker, which is available in size of 145 by 55 by 33 millimeters. This is released by Wistao Technology for Bluetooth speaker of model no WBM2208.

It is Bluetooth speaker that stylish, compact and portable, superior sound quality and bass. The speaker is made by two full-range speakers and bass enhancement technology with specially tuned circuit to achieve high-quality music playback. Abundant amount of sense, treble is transparent and highly resolving, vocal sound is clarity and bass is powerful.

Wistao Technology company has launched a classic exterior design of the aluminum alloy stereo Bluetooth speakers, which is a rich modern texture and play music wireless with a Bluetooth-enabled smart phones such as IPHON, Android phone, IPAD Tablet PC and laptop connections. Also it adopt Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR specification, it’s communication distance is up to 10m, built-in high-performance microphone and CVC technology enables handsfree to answer phone clearly.

Classic black, Passional red, Bright gold, elegant purple variety of fashion colors to be chosen.

Bluetooth Speaker with Alloy Metal Case Bluetooth 2.1 EDR

More information, please visit http://www.wistao.com/en/products_show.html?617

Friday, October 12, 2012

Profile of Tradetional Bluetooth Technology -- Bluetooth Version 2.1 plus EDR

Profile of Tradetional Bluetooth Technology -- Bluetooth Version 2.1 plus EDR 

Bluetooth inventor is Ericsson company of Sweden, and it already started to develop Bluetooth technology as early as 1994. In February 1998, a Special Interest Group had been established jointly by Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Toshiba and Intel5 a multinational company for a global short-range wireless communications technologies, it calls Bluetooth.
Up to now, Bluetooth technology had been developed V1.1/1.2/2.0/2.1/3.0/4.0 six editions totally. Hereinto, the, version 1.1/1.2 is earlier technology, and they had been phased out basically. While version 2.1 is used widely, transmission rate of Bluetooth 2.1 version can be achieved the 2M bit per sec or more, and devices which adopt 2.1 version can transmit data and voice simultaneously.
Bluetooth version 3.0 and 4.0 is an improved version, whose function of transmission speed and distance is substantial increased, especially High Speed technology of Bluetooth version 3.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy of Bluetooth version 4.0 after they hit market.
Theoretically, the fastest transmission of Bluetooth technology is reached 24Mbps, but currently it’s transmission rate wasn’t more than 1Mbps under Bluetooth version 2.1 application without EDR technology supporting. In order to achieve large data stream, the introduction of EDR (Enhanced data rate, the enhanced rate of the Bluetooth technology abbreviation) have been introduced, it improves the data transmission rate of the Bluetooth technology to reach 2.1Mbps.
In addition to get availability a more stable audio stream transmission and lower power consumption, it also make full use of the bandwidth advantage connect multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time, let Bluetooth devices get satisfactory transmission rate.(More infromation about Bluetooth audio products, please visit http://www.wistao.com/en/index.html) .

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Could Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Taken? --- Wireless Convenience of A Wonderful Experiences!

What Could Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Taken? --- Wireless Convenience of A Wonderful Experiences!

Era of smart mobile terminals is coming, they have become more and more popular and fashion product, such as IPHONE, IPAD and many Android smart phone and tablet computer and gradually Bluetooth system has also become a standard configuration of the mobile terminal. Those mobile terminal device achieve a trend to integrate a great music, video, games and other application functionality, and even mobile phones and other portable digital products could not been taken away from our daily lives. For example, online map, microblogger, e-mail, instant messaging is a typical example. From begining in 2011, main manufacturers of speaker have begun to enter the market segments of Bluetooth wireless speaker. Shenzhen Wistao Technology (http://www.wistao.com) had developed different series of Bluetooth speaker through market research to grasp trend of Bluetooth product development.

For such handheld portable devices of smart phone or tablet, wired speaker is clearly inappropriate due to highly mobile, but it will be more comfortable to use Bluetooth wireless speaker.

With Bluetooth wireless speakers, what can we do indeed? Take a look, and share it!

A.   When you get together with friends, or are picnic on the country side, or take leisure time and do exercise, you can use your phone to play the music, but it will reduce acoustics of music greatly. However, Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy the beautiful, first-class sound quality of music without cable connection, also you do not have to worry about the battery problem.
B.   Share network radio like as BBC music, CNN radio, WIN7 Internet radio, etc. Together better than alone, when we would like to share our collection of music at the party, you will first think of the speakers, Bluetooth speakers must be the best choice at this time, almost without limit by distance indoors . In this way, you can not endure the bad phone or laptop sound.
C.   High quality of game experiences for all games almost. At beginning, games of mobile phone just to design to kill time only, but today's mobile games have been very strong functions with hardware to enhance the level. Not only from visual effects and sound but also game-playing do reach a very high level. And like as Gameloft and Popcap companies, They had been released a large number of outstanding game for smart phones or tablets. In addition, such as the music game as DJMax, it also will demand a higher sound output.
D.   Suitable for mobile television demand (Thunder, You Tube, Sina video, etc.). Online movies and TV series has also become one of the important functions of the portable devices, because of online video software easy to use, many people return home and use iPad or smart phone to watch video instead of computer. This operation has two advantages, one is to simplify operation between speaker and amplifier, another advantage is that you can curl up on the couch or lie in bed or sit at desk. Using mart phone or tablets is certainly much more convenient than computer, this arbitrariness is obviously not suitable for wired speakers.
E.   Hands-free answering the phone. Avoid prolonged to answer phone calling, and the impact of the hearing, while reducing smart phone radiation. Also, liberate your hands while call is coming.
F.    May be used to hold a conference call. The clear call feature can be used to hold a conference call.