Monday, December 1, 2014

How to handle unbalance for left and right channel of your HIFI audio system

How to handle unbalance for left and right channel for your HIFI audio system

Someone had asked our technician what he could do when the audio system happened unbalance for left and right channel.We summarized it the tips as below and hope it help you to solve the problem.

Before checking and adjustment, Please make sure the tubes had been put right position and get well contact between pins of tube and tube bases all.

1. Firstly, please check if the left and right are unbalanced when volume potentiometer is rotated to any positions.
1). only if the time around the beginning of the volume potentiometer, imbalance problem should be caused by the volume potentiometer.
2). If at any position, it is imbalance, it should be other questions.

2. Sitting down / standing up in the middle position of your listening area, does not move (the previous position does not move), so let your families quickly replaced the left and right speaker cables from the outputs of the amplifier to change, the cable ends of speaker do not move temporarily
1). If the same thing happened still, it should be the speaker and cable led to the problem. Then, please exchange the speakers and don’t move cables, if there is an offset for volume, it should be caused by the speaker, and it is probably caused by tremble speaker. If there is no offset, please check the cables.
2). If you replace the speaker cables and it happened, it should be caused by audio amplifier or signal sourcing.

3. At this time, please exchange your RCA signal cable (up and down to exchange)
1). If there is a shift, then it should be the signal source. Please check your audio signal sourcing.
2). If not a shift, then it should be caused by amplifier or signal cable, then please check the amplifier. For tube amp, please exchange the tubes to find out the problem.

4. There is a possible problem is the speaker placement, please try it.