Sunday, January 19, 2020

2 x 80W HIFI Hybrid Amplifier Vacuum Tube Matisse Circuit Preamplifier Pure FET Power Stage Tube Rectifier

2 x 80W HIFI Hybrid Amplifier Vacuum Tube Matisse Circuit Preamplifier Pure FET Power Stage Tube Rectifier 

It is a hybrid amplifier with tube and FET mixed, which has both vacuum tube sweet and moist, fine transparent flavor, but also has the strength and speed of transistor power amplifier, hardness and softness, totally natural. The unit then resume the models production again which has evaluated by Electronic Journal. After optimized and improved, compared with the original unit, it is elegant and dignified appearance, extraordinary taste, excellent sound quality, it got high positive feedbacks fully from customers.

  1. 4 groups of signals input switching.
  2. Built-in a power switch for 110V and 220V to accommodate different national voltage standard
  3. Adopted preamplifier and power stage designing independently, interior layout is reasonable, clean and beautiful.
  4. 7mm thick aluminum front panel drawing process with black, silver optional.
  5. Advanced matte paint technology sheet steel cabinet, with high-gloss metal knobs, cellular cushions.
  6. Red light flashing when pre-heat, the light turn into blue after pre-heat.
  7. Adopted large-current relay delay with mute switch, the midpoint potential drift, overcurrent protection, to avoid damage to your expensive speakers.
  8. Adopted gold-plated RCA connectors for inputs, with high-grade amber gold-plated oxidation terminals for outputs.
  9. With three plug socket, it is easy to replace it with high-grade power cord.
  10. Adopted ALPS 27 type blue shell sealed volume potentiometers.
  11. Coupling capacitors are used in Germany or the German ERO WIMA polypropylene capacitors and other imported one.
  12. Used 300W toroidal transformer power supply, adequate power, low radiation.
  13. Adopted imported fast rectifier bridge, and 4 pcs imported 10000u filter capacitors.
  14. Adopted lower heat resistance of aluminum blackened large comb-shaped radiator low power tube wear.
  15. Adopted Hita chi Genuine FET power tube, good sound quality, stable!

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