Wednesday, December 18, 2019

IWISTAO 1 Inch Tweeter External Placed Aluminum Casing High Frequency Compensation for Full Speaker

IWISTAO 1 Inch Tweeter External Placed Aluminum Casing High Frequency Compensation for Full Range Speaker

Many audiophile like to use a pair of full range to play music, it is a good choice. If the full range speakers are matched with external tweeter to compensate the high frequency, it will be better.

This external tweeter speaker is mainly used for treble compensation for the audio. It is suitable for the high-frequency compensation of those full-range sound, which is not enough for high volume feeling, dim, and poor performance, It has a good complementary effect. And easy to install, externally placed on the top of the speaker, beautiful and generous.

It is made of a one inch tweeter unit that its sound quality is clear and delicate, clear and not harsh, the effect is very good.

There is our customer's feedback for this pair external tweeter and thank their sharings.
"Seem to add a little more clarity, voices more well defined. Subtle but definite and worthwhile improvements. Make decent speaker just that bit better very pleased.  Supplied wire only about 12" so you may need to extend, easily done. I am not sure how they do it, but having listened to a few tracks now, it's like having a new pair of speakers. The stereo imaging is much more well defined, instrument separation is pin sharp and the overall listening experience is far more pleasurable and musical. Excellent value for money, the improvements they have made far exceed the cost of these little super tweeters, very very pleased I bought them."

"отличная штука, хотел поменять акустику теперь не хочу, добавили объём и т.д. рекомендую данный магазин и товар к приобретению для тех кто хочет за малые вложения изменить звучание системы."

This tweeter speaker adopts a special aluminum alloy casing, which is high-end atmosphere and can be conveniently placed on the top of the speaker. The lower part can be fixed with double-sided tape. It is also possible to punch holes in the top of the speaker to make it more secure. It is a very good choice for modifying home speakers.