Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Could Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Taken? --- Wireless Convenience of A Wonderful Experiences!

What Could Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Taken? --- Wireless Convenience of A Wonderful Experiences!

Era of smart mobile terminals is coming, they have become more and more popular and fashion product, such as IPHONE, IPAD and many Android smart phone and tablet computer and gradually Bluetooth system has also become a standard configuration of the mobile terminal. Those mobile terminal device achieve a trend to integrate a great music, video, games and other application functionality, and even mobile phones and other portable digital products could not been taken away from our daily lives. For example, online map, microblogger, e-mail, instant messaging is a typical example. From begining in 2011, main manufacturers of speaker have begun to enter the market segments of Bluetooth wireless speaker. Shenzhen Wistao Technology ( had developed different series of Bluetooth speaker through market research to grasp trend of Bluetooth product development.

For such handheld portable devices of smart phone or tablet, wired speaker is clearly inappropriate due to highly mobile, but it will be more comfortable to use Bluetooth wireless speaker.

With Bluetooth wireless speakers, what can we do indeed? Take a look, and share it!

A.   When you get together with friends, or are picnic on the country side, or take leisure time and do exercise, you can use your phone to play the music, but it will reduce acoustics of music greatly. However, Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy the beautiful, first-class sound quality of music without cable connection, also you do not have to worry about the battery problem.
B.   Share network radio like as BBC music, CNN radio, WIN7 Internet radio, etc. Together better than alone, when we would like to share our collection of music at the party, you will first think of the speakers, Bluetooth speakers must be the best choice at this time, almost without limit by distance indoors . In this way, you can not endure the bad phone or laptop sound.
C.   High quality of game experiences for all games almost. At beginning, games of mobile phone just to design to kill time only, but today's mobile games have been very strong functions with hardware to enhance the level. Not only from visual effects and sound but also game-playing do reach a very high level. And like as Gameloft and Popcap companies, They had been released a large number of outstanding game for smart phones or tablets. In addition, such as the music game as DJMax, it also will demand a higher sound output.
D.   Suitable for mobile television demand (Thunder, You Tube, Sina video, etc.). Online movies and TV series has also become one of the important functions of the portable devices, because of online video software easy to use, many people return home and use iPad or smart phone to watch video instead of computer. This operation has two advantages, one is to simplify operation between speaker and amplifier, another advantage is that you can curl up on the couch or lie in bed or sit at desk. Using mart phone or tablets is certainly much more convenient than computer, this arbitrariness is obviously not suitable for wired speakers.
E.   Hands-free answering the phone. Avoid prolonged to answer phone calling, and the impact of the hearing, while reducing smart phone radiation. Also, liberate your hands while call is coming.
F.    May be used to hold a conference call. The clear call feature can be used to hold a conference call.


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