Tuesday, May 28, 2019

IWISTAO HIFI 3 Inches Full Range Speaker 2x25W 4Ohms 78Hz-19.5KHz 88dB Oak Labyrinth Speakers for Tube Amp

Listen to the sound is far wider sound field, better resolution, better layer structured. We are intoxicated by the music, the melody of each neuron start wondered if peristalsis, high, medium and low frequency is very balance, so fantastic! The sound of the human voice is warm, soft and pure, and natural loose, smaller noise pollution, rich musical taste, great flavor, also has a good low-frequency performance, is a treat for the ears, very enjoyable for long time listening and you dont feel tired.

Its sound quality is excellent, fresh and pure and hearty, the overall coherence and excellent resolving power, high-frequency delicate transparent, rich in detail, round and full midrange, natural and real. Also its sound is very charming, it will achieve a very good bass performance particularly if adopt maze speaker cabinet.

The speaker uses a 3-inch NdFeB strong magnetic unit. Its low-frequency density is very good, dynamically distinct, the high-frequency extension and air feel are better, and the human voice is sweeter. This uit, first of all, is a magnetic circuit system, tombarthite NdFeB magnetic structure plus a short-circuiting copper sleeve, which solves the thoroughness of medium-high frequency from the starting point. But the selection of cone is more painstaking, cone is mainly composed of bass and medium-high sound. After various screenings, cotton and linen fiber is selected finally. And, the treble must be rigid and soft, then the bamboo plus bark fiber is selected. Through countless trials and adjustments, the effect finally conquered out ears. The final results are that its medium-high frequency density is very good, very thorough, and the background is clean.