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What Is a Phono Stage Amplifier?

WhatIs a Phono Stage Amplifier?

Playing vinyl records isn't as easy as it was back in the day, while MP3 and CD formats dominate the current audio marketplace; vinyl records remain popular among collectors. Many claim that vinyl sounds better than digital formats, while others simply own records that they still enjoy. Many of today's lower priced stereo receivers are not adequately equipped to power a turntable. Because modern electronic technology is different from the technology used to create vinyl records, a phono pre-amplifier is required to enjoy them.

To add a turntable to such an audio system, a user must use a specially-designed phonograph preamp also known as a phono stage. For those with vintage vinyl collections a turntable, a phono pre-amplifier and a receiver are required to fill a room with the sounds of record albums.

The magnetic cartridge in a turntable has a lower output than that of line level audio sources like CDs and tapes. A phono preamplifier boosts the volume from a turntable to equal the line audio. Older systems usually have a phono preamp built-in, but many newer units require users to purchase one separately.

To reduce background noise and sibilance, LPs have an equalization curve that boosts higher frequencies. Reversing this equalization, known as the "RIAA curve," returns the music to its original frequency. Unlike other preamps, which amplify this sound, a phono preamp will nullify it. Good-quality phono preamplifiers have a high signal-to-noise ratio, and will correctly adjust RIAA equalization.

But it may be difficult that how to connect a Phono Stage Preamp to a Turntable for the newers, there some steps as below.
1.    Locate the left and right stereo output jacks on your turntable. Also locate the stereo input jacks on your phono stage preamp.
2.    Place the turntable and phono stage preamp where they will be when in use. Ensure that the turntable is located on a level surface. Avoid placing the turntable on top of speakers or anything that may generate heat.
3.    Use the measuring tape or ruler to determine the distance between the output jacks of the turntable and the input jacks of the phono stage.
4.    Ensure that your stereo interconnect cables is at least as long as the distance measured in step three. If you do not already have the interconnect cable, choose one that is long enough to span this distance without strain. If you will need to pull either the turntable or preamp out of its location in order to access its connectors, choose a cable long enough to allow for movement of the components.
5.    If there is a Turntables ground, it will be connected with phono amplifier ground interfaces, just very simple.

6.    Power up your receiver, turntable, and phonograph stage. Select the appropriate audio source on your receiver, drop the needle to your record on the turntable, and enjoy the music.

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