Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Create beautiful sound from preamplifier and output strong power by power stage

Create beautiful sound from preamplifier and output strong power by power stage

Tube 6N3 is a medium u double triode, which is thick tube taste, and use to make tube preamplifier or tube headphone amplifier. Its performance parameters are same as the United States 5670, Russia 6H3, do it can be replaced by them directly.

Tube 6N3 is indirectly heated oxide cathode twin triode type, mainly used for high-frequency voltage amplification. Its internal structure is fully symmetrical, which makes 6N3 has excellent high-frequency characteristics, and sound localization. There was a shield, which makes 6N3 has a high Signal to Noise Ratio, which is very important in tube preamplifier designing. If you want to make a tube preamp, AC noise is loud, even its sound good, always fly in the ointment. But 6N3 has shielding layer, let the murmurs can’t be hardly heard when you touch your ear to speaker. As its distortion is even-order distortion, it let the sound of 6N3 is more comfortable when you listen music for a long time. At the same time, it can significantly improve distortion that the output of 6N3 adopts current feedback, let its sound be high-fidelity, and taste particularly strong tubes, musical and strong infection.

On the other way, TDA1521 is low distortion and high stability chip by Philips designed. The power output of TDA1521 is 2 x 15W at AC ± 16V voltage, impedance 8Ω, its Input impedance is 20KΩ, input sensitivity is 600mV, SNR is up to 85dB. Also, the circuit set up functions of waiting, muted, overheating protection, low offset voltage, high ripple rejection and low thermal resistance, excellent resolving power of high frequency and low intensity. Its pure transparent sound, intensity White chunky bass, treble clear and bright, very tube charm.

Therefore, this hybrid tube amplifier is 6N3 as a preamp, TDA1521 as a power amplifier; so that the two parts complement each other, exert hybrid tube amplifier characteristics, namely to create beautiful sound from preamplifier and output strong power by power stage.

Further, that is, the preamp section of power amplifier to use tubes amplify sound signal, enabling the input audio signal has a good sound performance as bright treble sound, full midrange, mellow and elastic bass, relatively "warm" sound and high dynamic range, with sound natural, lifelike characteristics, while overcoming tube amp music playback seem stiff enough with compared to transistor amplifier; the power amplification section to use transistor or power amplifier IC amplify the sound signal then output to ensure the speed and power to overcome pure tube amp sound "sense of speed" is not strong when playing fast-paced music does not make satisfied people's weaknesses.

The hybrid tube amplifier has three kind of signal inputs, CD , Aux and support U disk, SD card that support MP3 / WMA format files playback. You can connect the amplifier with PC or notebook, smartphone to play lossless format music like as WAV, FLAC,APE that played by music player through aux input as a desktop audio or PCHIFI amplifier, it will give hifi music enjoin and excellent experiences.

Workmanship and choice of materials are very cautious, used a double-sided fiberglass PCB, low loss transformers, excellent vacuum tube and full brushed aluminum casing. Sound authentic, no deliberate modification, nor omission, is a good partner of full-range speaker.

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