Thursday, November 12, 2015

Class T Amplifier Based on TA2022 with Vacuum Tube Taste

Class T Amplifier Based on TA2022 with Vacuum Tube Taste

TA2022 is an efficient high-power digital chip, which has been loved by a number of audiophiles certainly regardless of quality and performance. Compared with TA2024, it's more powerful, more efforts, it can reach 90W + 90W power output maximum, and this is an advantage that TA 2024 can’t achieve. And we also use a copper wire toroidal power as power supply now, which is incomparable with the switching power supply where convenient switching power supply, although installation, low cost, but for power amplifier, its large dynamic is still far less than the traditional transformer. Also, adopt Japan imports potentiometers ALPS A special class audio potentiometer, non-ordinary potentiometer can incomparable. The thickness of PCB is 1.6mm with reasonable layout, the amplifier cannot hear the noise even in the potentiometer to maximum status.

TA2022 integrated in a DC step-down circuit (referred to as switch-type step-down), by an oscillator and a CMOS tubes, the external power inductor combination with high speed diodes and other components to work, when the DC-DC circuit, the inductor will produce a high-frequency switching signal that directly interfere with the internal digital modulation PMW circuit, high-frequency noise superimposed on the audio signal from the built-in high-power CMOS push-pull output, resulting in high frequency noise. Therefore, the amplifier board adopted a separate 5V regulator circuit with the transformer independent output voltage, and deactivated and shielded DC-DC converters of chip TA2022, So it built pure sound without noise, it is not comparable by those general TA2022 amplifier boards.

There is a class T amplifier based on TA2002 and preamplifier we used JRC5532DD operational amplifier. Brushed aluminum chassis, even its knob is made of whole solid aluminum machined, which is nice, excellent hand-feeling.

Class T Amplifier Based on TA2022


Inside View of The Amplifier
Back View 

PCBA of Class T Amplifier


About TA2022


1. Aluminum chassis, all with brushed surface coloring treatment, first-class technology, excellence quality.
2. Optimized and reasonable amplifier PCB layout, and adopted copper wire toroidal transformer.
3. The amplifier board with protection circuit, convenient and practical.
4. Capacitance using extensive use of HIFI level parts, filter one using Black Edition, ELNA etc; coupling one using ERO, non-polarity AV Audio dedicated MKT capacitors by Italy;
5. Advanced UPC1237 full protection circuit, there is not any impact when power on
6. Built-in the circuit for tuning 0 on midpoint.
7. Built-in gold-plated preamplifier op amp IC base that has set up NE5532, you can use your favorite OP IC as replaceable and try different sounds from OP.


1.    Maximum output power: 90W + 90W
2.    Preamplifier IC: NE5532
3.    Power amplifier: TA2022
4.    Input voltage: AC 220V / 50Hz ± 10% (can be set AC 110V voltage input as your reqiurement)
5.    Dimensions (W * D * H): 184mm x 301mm x 60mm
6.    Weight: 3.6KG
7.    Color: black chassis with silver white panel

8.    Accessories: Power cord x 1