Monday, March 6, 2017

Retro and Modern Style Combination from A Finished Tube FM Stereo Radio Tuner

Retro and Modern Style Combination from A Finished Tube FM Stereo Radio Tuner

After the board of tube FM Radio Tuner launched, the tube audiophiles suggested us develop a chassis for it. Now, we did it after several rounds designing and tuning..., then it coming.

This is a finished tube FM stereo radio tuner as the latest version. 

IWISTAO Finished Tube FM Stereo Radio Tuner 

Support Bluetooth 4.0 SD Card U Playback with Lossless Format

Whole Aluminum Gold Chassis 

It is made of whole aluminum metal chassis, gold with rushed oxidation treatment, and the front panel with 8mm thick aluminum plate, the others with 4mm aluminum one. On the front panel, there are dual level meters to display audio signal level, and the digital frequency meter display FM reception frequency. Electronic tube with a modern digital frequency meter that is complementing each other with nice, classical and elegant style, maybe the frequency display board of the wireless receiver is the designer's wisdom. The lower right corner of the unit has a knob to manually tune the radio. All tubes are exposed at the top plate for heat dissipation purpose, and equipped with cat eye indicator there. The whole structure of the tuner is compact, components layout had been optimized to be more reasonable.

This tube FM radio head adopted tube 6C11, and its rectifier adopted tube 6Z4. Its signal reception and treatment adopted classical tube circuit, and used TA7343 as a stereo decoder that then result in stereo output. After stereo FM signal input power amplifier system for amplification, you will listen to FM radio with musical tube sound.

Its sound quality, sensitivity, selectivity and other aspects are more satisfactory, especially the kind of unique taste of the tube so that the listener will be intoxicated. At the same time, its left side equipped Bluetooth module with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can directly connect it with the Bluetooth enabled device to play music; In additional, it supports U disk and SD card player to playback APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3 music format under the modes, So that you can get more audio sources to meet the different needs, and these digital audio switch can be carried out through the remote control conveniently. In order to reduce the interference, it adopts dual output through the switch conversion, can also be customized for other audio conversion into the tube amplification, and then output to the power amplifier stage.

At this moment, you are listen the warm and soft sound from it, perhaps broadcast content has become less important, it is important that but it is one with the thoughts that fly mood. . . . .

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IWISTAO Finished Tube FM Stereo Radio Tuner Whole Aluminum Chassis Gold Support Bluetooth 4.0 SD Card U HIFI Audio 110V/220V

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