Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Zuo Ye Xing Cheng From LS3 5A Monitoring Bookshelf Speaker Dual 5 Inch Bass Designing

Zuo Ye Xing Cheng From LS3 5A Monitoring Bookshelf Speaker Dual 5 Inch Bass Designing

As a Hi-Fi enthusiast, the legendary LS3/5a is a household name. The BBC LS3/5a is a secondary monitor speaker developed and designed by the BBC, the most authoritative broadcasting company in the UK. It is a masterpiece that spans two centuries. It seems that no speaker can be as good as the BBC's LS3/5a. It caused so much discussion among people. The original design was for in-vehicle monitoring of electronically controlled broadcasts, but the small speaker is like a shoe box but the sound is as gentle as jade. The mid-range is sweet, the treble is rich in detail and not noisy, and the low-frequency can perform well in small environments because of the airtight box. Remarkable and favored by enthusiasts, it has naturally become a benchmark and an immortal legend.

About the design

After a long period of crossover adjustment and listening, we finally made the current product. In addition to being consistent with the original box in terms of size and structure, this product also has very similar sound characteristics. The biggest feature is the design of double bass and composite low-frequency system. The effect is more obvious in the mid-frequency band than the previous version. It extends higher and more delicate than the original box. The low frequency has the same sense of volume and dive. At the same time, the impedance of 4 ohms is also smaller, and an ordinary small power amplifier can be easily pushed up! You don’t need a high-power amplifier to appreciate the “myth” in the audio industry.

Regarding sound performance

It is called the world's classic speaker. It has good and delicate high frequency extension, sweet and full mid-frequency, quick expansion and expansion of low frequency, good solidity, and good three-band balance, so you won't feel tired after listening for a long time. Suitable for listening to small-scale music such as vocals, strings, solos, concertos and chamber music. It is particularly good at playing vocals and other types of music, and its closed design is suitable for placement in a wider variety of spaces.

Amplifier matching suggestions

Low impedance, low sensitivity, dual large-diameter pure aluminum voice coils, low power amplifier control and requirements. The recommended power for Class A and tube amplifiers is 5-10W or more, and the recommended power for transistor amplifiers is 50W or more. More suitable for listening in spaces of 8-35 square meters. (It is recommended to pair it with an amplifier with deep low-frequency penetration, the effect is unexpectedly good!)


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