Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A cooker modified the song of Hotel California

A cooker modified the song of Hotel California

The video got more than 5 million click at Youku site. The song played by the cooker, and it connected with notebook computer speaker only, but has good performance and effected.If he use a guitar tube as amplifier, it should be more sound effects.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Development Trends of HIFI Digital Audio

                  Development  Trends of HIFI Digital Audio 

When HIFI Bluetooth audio is concerned, you have to talk about digital audio, and have to talk about HIFI. After passing media changed of records, tapes and CD, we come to the digital age from the analog era. Regardless of how to HIFI analog technology defend tradition, and also regardless of how CD-ROM to defend its territory, they cannot stop the tide of digitization billowing forward. Nevertheless, also HIFI digital creeping forward in the lost, let HIFI fans not know what course to take from assortments of audio equipment, from valuable vinyl equipment to the high price of professional players, from the CD player to DVD, from the PC to your tablet computer, from MP3 to smart phones, from online play to the cloud from the network equipment ...... really dazzling, they are in competition to the last, it seems that computers and smart devices like CD players to get the final approval, which the computer (including the PC and moveable Tablet) to become the highest penetration rate of audio equipment, and the CD drive is the most trusted equipment by HIFI fans. It is the first choice that CD grade and above format of music has become.

CD music is based on the basic principles of the design of the Nyquist sampling theory, human ear can hear sound from 20Hz-20KHz; so it is able to reproduce 20KHz frequency signal if sample rate to take 16bit/44.1KHz, but in recent years Popular 24bit/96-192KHz sampling rate music is super ultimate choice by HIFI audiophile (such a high form of music is difficult to play in CD player). If distortion of CD drive playback music is <0.01%, SNR and dynamic range are is > 100dB, it are high-fidelity music, compared to their original analog tape or vinyl album, noise ratio is improved at least 100 times.
Computer seems to win because of its collection of music files free music storage and management of intelligence, it relies on Internet music resources and then exists. On Internet, now widely popular music format is divided into three broad categories:
(A) Uncompressed Music – CD. Original uncompressed PCM digital music of CD, including WAV/16bit-24bit/44.1KHz-192KHz, which is ripping track of original CD uncompressed file format, a file is 60 minutes 650M , and is a shared format without any copyright issues.
(2) Lossless compression music - APE, FLAC ......, etc., according to rate 1/2 CD compressed files for easy storage and network transmission, compression and decompression without sacrificing the original music details, so 80% network music is this format file, APE is copyright format, FLAC and  others are shared formats.
(3) Lossy compressed music - MP3, WMA and so on. Although MP3 files is smaller, it is based on the loss of detail of the compression music, so that a reproduction sound field cannot achieve full CD quality, cannot meet demand listening of HIFI audiophiles, both have format copyright.

These formats of music is available for free download online popular, but the core of the card-reading system cannot play SD card and U disk or mobile hard disk HD music, only play lossy compression MP3 music format. HD lossless music also relies on a computer or CD drive to achieve replay.

New trends of HIFI digital audio development

This is why CD player has remnants of a little bit of space still up to now, convenience of computer has been questioned as the source, "CD-ROM is dead" is a foregone conclusion, those major record companies are seeking new distribution methods, where HIFI will go? How to drive high-definition music from your computer and freed, which is the historical mission of HIFI music. WISTAO boldly predicted that a new type of alternative music CD distribution media might be "flash" that is, U disk or SD card, as it is equipped with suitable playback devices, it has all the properties of computer music and CD music both, if add additional features of fast, low cost, and other peripheral attributes, which is sought by HIFI audiophiles is inevitable. This will be a big product system, designed to fully comply with fidelity, fast and low-cost intelligent playback product attributes, set solid tone or a HIFI Bluetooth module receives lossless audio formats, integrated power amplifier IC or discrete components of hi-fi amplifier (or HIFI coaxial speakers) into a system, and equipped with passive speakers, these can be composed of a high-fidelity playback system with designed self-contained, high integration, in one step.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Excellenct Online Shopping Experiences from WISTAO HIFI BLUETOOTH AUDIO MALL

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What Is a Phono Stage Amplifier?

WhatIs a Phono Stage Amplifier?

Playing vinyl records isn't as easy as it was back in the day, while MP3 and CD formats dominate the current audio marketplace; vinyl records remain popular among collectors. Many claim that vinyl sounds better than digital formats, while others simply own records that they still enjoy. Many of today's lower priced stereo receivers are not adequately equipped to power a turntable. Because modern electronic technology is different from the technology used to create vinyl records, a phono pre-amplifier is required to enjoy them.

To add a turntable to such an audio system, a user must use a specially-designed phonograph preamp also known as a phono stage. For those with vintage vinyl collections a turntable, a phono pre-amplifier and a receiver are required to fill a room with the sounds of record albums.

The magnetic cartridge in a turntable has a lower output than that of line level audio sources like CDs and tapes. A phono preamplifier boosts the volume from a turntable to equal the line audio. Older systems usually have a phono preamp built-in, but many newer units require users to purchase one separately.

To reduce background noise and sibilance, LPs have an equalization curve that boosts higher frequencies. Reversing this equalization, known as the "RIAA curve," returns the music to its original frequency. Unlike other preamps, which amplify this sound, a phono preamp will nullify it. Good-quality phono preamplifiers have a high signal-to-noise ratio, and will correctly adjust RIAA equalization.

But it may be difficult that how to connect a Phono Stage Preamp to a Turntable for the newers, there some steps as below.
1.    Locate the left and right stereo output jacks on your turntable. Also locate the stereo input jacks on your phono stage preamp.
2.    Place the turntable and phono stage preamp where they will be when in use. Ensure that the turntable is located on a level surface. Avoid placing the turntable on top of speakers or anything that may generate heat.
3.    Use the measuring tape or ruler to determine the distance between the output jacks of the turntable and the input jacks of the phono stage.
4.    Ensure that your stereo interconnect cables is at least as long as the distance measured in step three. If you do not already have the interconnect cable, choose one that is long enough to span this distance without strain. If you will need to pull either the turntable or preamp out of its location in order to access its connectors, choose a cable long enough to allow for movement of the components.
5.    If there is a Turntables ground, it will be connected with phono amplifier ground interfaces, just very simple.

6.    Power up your receiver, turntable, and phonograph stage. Select the appropriate audio source on your receiver, drop the needle to your record on the turntable, and enjoy the music.

There is two phono amplifier as link shown, more details, please click them.

Friday, February 7, 2014

What Is Single Ended Class A Tube Amplifier?

What IsSingle Ended Class A Tube Amplifier?

Audio amplifiers in mass production typically use an integrated circuit to amplify the audio signal. Even though modern audio amplifiers reproduce audio signals with less signal distortion than their predecessors, some audiophiles prefer the "warm" tone a tube amplifier produces when it reproduces an audio signal. Except integrated circuit to amplify, many audio and power amplifiers sold for personal and commercial use contain electronic devices called transistors. Transistors came about as an intended improvement upon an older technology—the vacuum tube, used as an amplifier component since the early 1900s.

One common type of vacuum tube - the triode - is commonly used to create tube amplifiers. A triode is so named because it has three electrical connections: the grid, the plate, and the cathode. A triode can receive an alternating current - or AC - signal through the triode grid connection, and can amplify the signal by application of direct current - or DC - electrical energy across the triode plate and cathode connections. A Class-A amplifier operates at an efficiency level between 25 and 50 percent. Therefore, a triode-based Class-A amplifier requires a high-voltage (100-volt or more) DC power source to provide power to the amplifier. Unlike transistor-based Class-A amplifiers, a triode-based amplifier also requires a separate direct-current (DC) power supply for a cathode heater. Without the cathode heater activated, a triode-based amplifier will not work.

While many transistor-based amplifiers are capable of reproducing and amplifying a signal without noticeable signal distortion, some audiophiles prefer the slightly distorted signal that a tube amplifier provides.

There are two types of tube amplifier output circuit: Push-pull output circuits that are wired so that the output current is split and runs in parallel, the other is single-ended output stages that are not split and run in a linear fashion. Single-ended tube amplifiers can generate more power from less current. Single-ended tube output circuits are used in both audio and instrument amplification. There is less distortion in a single-ended amplifier because the output currents do not cross over.

A high cost effective and high quality single-ended tube amplifier had been hit the market by WistaoTechnology since two years ago. There are several models to be selected for customer. They are Class A, pure tubes amplifier, whose pre-amplifier adopt 6N3J tubes, and power stage adopt EL34B tubes, also its rectifier adopt 5Z4PJ tube, and the chassis is made of traditional black or Mirror Stainless Steel with silver. More details, you can visit the links:

Single-ended Pure Class A Tube Amplifier 6N2J Preamp EL34 Power Amp 5Z4PJ Rectifier with Mirror Stainless Steel Chassis Silver (Model: WVT2018)

Application of Single-ended Pure Class A Tube Amplifier 6N2J Preamp EL34 Power Amp 5Z4PJ Rectifier with Mirror Stainless Steel Chassis Silver (Model: WVT2018) by customers

Application of Single-ended Pure Class A Tube Amplifier 6N2J Preamp EL34 Power Amp 5Z4PJ Rectifier with Mirror Stainless Steel Chassis Silver (Model: WVT2018) by customers