Thursday, May 27, 2021

IWISTAO FM LA3401 Single Decoding Board

 IWISTAO FM Single Decoding Board Mono to Stereo LA3401 Connect Intermediate Frequency Amplifier

The LA3401 is a multifunctional MPX demodulator IC designed for FM stereo electronic tuning. It features the VCO non-adjusting function that eliminates the need to adjust free-running frequency of VCO and the accessory functions such as FM/AM input, FM/AM input changeover, muting.

This LA3401 FM decoder board use audio advanced components, the effect is good. You can use it to decode the mono single from the tube intermediate frequency amplifier board to stereo one. 

This board kit is suitable for retrofitting radios, radio frequency plus stereo.

There are some photos for retrofitting an old Philips tube FM tuner below. After retrofitting, the sound is incredible, no distortion, no noise, perfect channel separation, a perfect high class Hifi tuner coming back.