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IWISTAO HIFI 8 Inches Full Range Speaker Empty Cabinet Kits MDF Labyrinth Structure

IWISTAO HIFI 8 Inches Full Range Speaker Empty Cabinet Kits MDF Labyrinth Structure

Our customer bought a pair of 8 Inches Full Range Speaker Labyrinth Empty Cabinet with solid wood side plates and front panels, which is so heavy, one of them is about 40kg, then its total weight is about 80kg, but it is a challenge that they are shipped out oversea. Finally, we found a solution to handle it, and they were delivered safety with perfect condition from the feedback and pictures sent.

Perfect condition and cutting holes according customer's drawing of speaker unit.

The package below after removed carton box.

Also he said " I'm very impressed with product quality. Packaging was excellent and important as it is a heavy box. Seller was very responsive to my queries and was able to custom the speaker opening per my drawing. I would buy from this seller again." Thank our customer for sharing the photos and feedback.

This speaker cabinet is made of MDF or you may select solid wood for 2 side plate and front panel. Built-in a labyrinth structure, it can enhance the low-frequency radiant energy, make low-frequency dive deeper, effectively overcoming insufficient bass of commend full range speaker cabinet, make the speaker cabinet the full-frequency be more full and rich.

As you know, the greater the material density of the speaker enclosure, the less the vibration produced by the enclosure. Solid wood is more reflective of sound than other materials, and tightness of the wood is higher, and the sound can be effectively expressed by the vibration of the air inside the box. We often say that the sound of wooden speakers is warm, in fact, the word warm means the balance of tri-band that are low, medium and high frequency; if the frequency is too low or too high, it will make people feel uncomfortable. The advantage of wooden speaker is that its playback effect is good, the vibration of the sound inside the box is stable, and the sound effect will be balanced and full.

Insider structure


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