Wednesday, February 22, 2023

What is an O core transformer?

What is an O core transformer?

An O core transformer is a type of toroidal transformer that has a circular cross section and no sharp corners. It is different from a regular toroidal transformer, which has a square or rectangular cross section. The advantage of an O core transformer is that it has less flux leakage and less copper loss than a regular toroidal transformer, because it has a shorter mean length of turn (MLT) and less insulation material. An O core transformer also has the same electrical benefits as a regular toroidal transformer, such as low noise, low stray field, high efficiency and compact size.

An O core transformer is made from grain oriented silicon steel, which has high permeability and low core loss. The steel strip is continuously pointed towards each end to produce a circular cross section. The transformer core is then wound with primary and secondary coils over the core. The winding process is similar to that of a regular toroidal transformer, but it requires more precision and skill.

O core transformers are suitable for applications that require a low profile and a high power rating. They can be used for power supplies, audio amplifiers, medical equipment, lighting systems and other devices that need reliable and efficient power conversion.

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