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3-bands MW / SW Tube Radio with Little 7 Tubes Nostalgia Style

 3-bands MW / SW Tube Radio with Little 7 Tubes Nostalgia Style

In our memories, tube radio was the product of the last century. But from then on, transistors had replaced those tubes, and digital had replaced analogy accordingly, however still some people like tube radio, like its taste, and more like its nostalgia style...

This is a pure tube 3-band radio, it can receive a medium wave and two band shortwave signal. Tube radio is built in 4-inch small speakers, which can meet listening need for 15 square rooms. If you connect an external 6-8 inch full-range speaker, then there will be a leap in sound volume. It has MW / 3-band frequency range: MW: 535-1605 KHZ, Shortwave 1: 2.3-7 MHZ, Shortwave 2: 6-18 MHZ

Little 7 Tubes  3-bands MW / SW Tube Radio

Inside View




If you want to get better listening effect, you will set up a longer antenna that length is about 5 ~ 10m or more and leave it outdoor, this is common sense for tube radio's fans. We set up the antenna as below and get better effect.

1. Outdoor antenna is connected to the fifth floor, which is a about 10 meters aluminum wire with plastic cover for drying clothes, and connected with an ordinary wire led to the second floor studio listening, there is no ground wire.
a) During daytime and it can receive 5 MW stations, in the evening receive more than 10 one. Good listening experience.
b) Short-wave 1: 2.3-7MHZ. receives 2-3 stations in daytime, receives more than 10 stations in evening, the effect can still listen.
c) Short-wave 2: 6-18MHZ. receives more than 10 stations in daytime, receives more than 30 stations in evening, good listening experience.
2. If indoor antenna with ordinary wire 2 meters, listening effect is general.

In order to ensure that the tube radio is original taste and flavor, the old components is used on the unit, most of them came from new inventory of 70-80's of the last century, power transformers is DB -50-300 inventory produced in the 1980s, and output transformer is model CB-3.5W-80, they are produced by Shanghai radio No 27 factory all. And Double variable capacitors, wire wound resistors 4W100Ω, fuse holder is disassemble (but tested and performance is intact), its appearance looks like a little rust; after all they are decades of inventory. Dial has not improved, and this depends on you and the buyer's hands capability.

Main Specifications

1. Equipped with seven tubes: 6A7PJ, 6K3PJ, 6N9PJ, 6H6PJ, 6P6PJ, 6Z5PJ, 6E2M
2. Bass / tremble control
3. Built-in Radio / Phono (CD player) switch
4. Built-in a switch jack between radio speaker and outside speaker.
5. Aluminum chassis Dimensions (L * D * H) 340mm X 200mm X 190mm.
6. Working voltage: 220V / 50Hz


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