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How to DIY your Shielded RCA Interconnect Cables

How to DIY Your Shielded RCA Interconnect Cables

This article is a guide to build your own simple high quality RCA interconnect cables for your Hi-Fi audio system. These "better DIY RCA interconnects" are unbalanced and made using shielded instrument cable and high quality RCA plugs. This is a fairly easy DIY cable and one stereo pair of DIY interconnects can be put together in about one hour. You will not need any fancy materials or special tools to build this cable. Just some meters of good shielded instrument cable and high quality RCA connectors, a soldering iron and some good solder with flux, a handy knife and a good side-cutter to prepare the wires for the soldering process. The photos only is as an example to demo how to DIY shielded RCA Interconnect Cables.

Material Prepared 

1.    High quality cable according to your requirements, and define its length, like as Canare Professional Broadcast Audio-cable.

Example of HIFI Cable

Constructions of Cable

2.    High quality RCA connectors which are black in color and with red and white indicator rings, and with gold-plated contacts and rubber end-boots to firmly hold the wire in place, like as Budweiser RCA connectors by U.S.

Example of HIFI RCA Connetor

Constructions of HIFI RCA Connector

Construction Steps

1. Strip outer of cable Insulator

  Strip Inner Insulator

2. Strip wires of cable inside

3. RCA Connector Plug Assembly Instructions
It is very important to slide the plug housing over the cable before you start to solder the wire to the connectors !!

4. Prepared Shielded Wire

5.  Soldering the wire to the RCA connectors with the fixture if need

6.Assembled RCA Interconnect Cable

Enjoy your cable! You will get more improvents of your HIFI system after to use this HIFI RCA cable.

We also sell this HIFI RCA Cable with Canare Professional Broadcast Audio cable and Budweiser RCA connectors by U.S., and it is made by manual also.This cable is high quality and cost effective. If you are interested in it, please take a look as the link below.

Its features as below

1. Used Budweiser RCA connectors by U.S, which is made of copper-plated plug, copper shell, and advantages of copper shell can be shielded from external interference.
2. Used Japanese origin Canare professional broadcast audio cable, and commercial grade products don’t achieve its performance, more than 94% of the copper network density to ensure effective shielding of electromagnetic noise. 40 each of the wires from the particular fine 0.08mm copper wire twisted together, particularly good durability. This is Canare send technical application structure model of work, it is a good choice for a lot of HIFI audiophiles to change the cables, its analytical abundantly clear, very good reputation, reliability and durability than ordinary wire several times stronger than the above, cheap affordable, high cost.
3. Used genuine Akihabara 99.99% high purity oxygen-free copper audio signal lines, each line adds four core nerves, its main role restore audio fidelity sound field, so the lossless transmission of audio signals have sufficient safeguards . General transmission line signals of different frequencies have different impedances, this feature on the sound reduction performance of sound vague, production people do this out of the high-end speaker cables called intelligent signal line characteristics of this line the signal level of the frequency is divided into two channels, 5KHZ more signals transmitted by a special material nerves, 5KHZ outer following signals through the transmission line, which greatly improves the frequency characteristics of the transmission line, the reproduction of clear and transparent sound.
4. Use containing 3% silver Senju solders soldering.
5. External plus a network of high-density shock as protection.
6.  It is made by manual.

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Natual and warm sound from Tube Headphone Amplifier by Model WEVT-PAN13P

Natual and warm sound from Tube Headphone Amplifier by Model WEVT-PAN13P

The circuit of tube headphone amplifier is mature and easy to find, which has developed since the last century. If searched as search engine, you will find many similar circuits, which is the network brings convenience. But not to adopt a same circuit, you can make of the same good sound, which is known by audiophiles. Especially tube amplifier, their sound qualities depend on parts and component selection, and tuning. If tuning tube amp is errors, it led to ordinary sound that may be worse than transistor amplifier; in addition, tube filament shall be powered by AC. So, this is why pure tube amplifier can provide you tube taste sound.
This tube headphone amplifier brings you is no exception, 6N11 plus 6N13P is a classic circuit that is also known as "black voice". In addition, we do some intimate unique designs for subsidiary circuit, its main circuit follows classic "black voice" one. But when you see this amplifier a while, it will make you a fresh feeling, right?

Natual and warm sound from Tube Headphone Amplifier by Model WEVT-PAN13P
Natual and warm sound from Tube Headphone Amplifier by Model WEVT-PAN13P

Classic Tube Headphone Amp
Classic Tube Headphone Amp

There are some features as below

1.    Beautiful quaint European appearance will make you be fond of and unwilling to part. The unit adopts a sub-structure, small size (for tube amp is concerned), it is a desktop tube amp, which brings the dual auditory and visual enjoyment.
2.    Furthermore it is adopt a separate power supply, 50W power transformer with special plastic power box, super-soft bold power cable; POWER provide a more robust energy and the interference to a minimum.
3.    The unit filament keeps AC power supply, which allows you to hear tube taste. And it is excellent performance that strong experiences and solid circuit design skill ensure, and there is hardly AC background noise
4.    With a VU meter level display, and use high-quality Taiwan meter header.
5.    Used HIFI material, red Weimaraner audio-specific capacitors, electrolytic import, ALPS 27 type double-volume potentiometer, USA RCA Cinch.
6.    Another trick is that this unit is equipped with a low-voltage startup device, through internal relay to control high-current high-voltage access; it can be described as distinctive design.
7.    It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the amp features, it is a decent quality tube pre-amplifier, because there is 6.35 headphone output (PO) port, also with two RCA Cinch line output (LO ) port. 

Diagram of Connection With Devices
Diagram of Connection With Devices

Power Adaptor
Power Adaptor

Applications and Modification by Audiophiles





Also, it had gotten high recommended by customers.


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IWISTAO Tube FM Tuner Radio FM Super-regenerative Handmade Nostalgia Radio 6J1 + FU-25 (or 1625) AC12 Power

Tube FM Radio

IWISTAO Tube FM Radio FM Super-regenerative Handmade Nostalgia Radio 6J1 + FU-25 (or 1625) AC12 Power 

In fact, just a nostalgic mood! When you put the tube FM radio on the desk and savor it, or when you put the headphones into it, turn tuning knob to listen, it seems to have returned to the old days of childhood, everything becomes more and more comfortable at the moment, at this moment, broadcast content has become less important, it is important that but it is one with the thoughts that fly mood. . . . . .

This tube radio has two tubes, which adopt super-regenerative mode to receive FM radio signals. Has high sensitivity, Either high impedance headphones with nostalgia, but also through the line output jack. You may connect it to amplifier and computer sound card to access the playback, that expand the scope of application of the radio.

Note: the tube FM radio adopted an ancient technique and don't have high sensitivity of IC FM radio, please do not compare with modern digital radio technology.


There are some features as below

1.    First single-supply low voltage input just used an exchange of AC 12V / 1A transformer, which can solve the issue for tube power supply that has always been complex, multi-group voltage power transformers.
2.    Particularly mentioning, this radio adopt a special technology to solve the human body during induction tuning, making this troubled super-regenerative FM radio body sensors has basically ceased to exist.
3.    This radio station is unique tone; tuning knobs need to meet adjusting the screen voltage knob together, so that sound is on the best status.
4.    More convenient, eliminating the need to set up more difficult antenna ground, just a 1 meter wire only, you can get perfect reception of FM signal.


Modified by audiophile

Added a transformer and a speaker from headphone output terminals, instead of 2000 ohms old style headphone, good jobs!

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