Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Key of Bluetooth Speaker or Bluetooth Amplifier --- Bluetooth module

A Key of Bluetooth Speaker or Bluetooth Amplifier --- Bluetooth module 

Bluetooth speakers or bluetooth amplifiers have become more and more popular now as wireless signal transmission. You could see them  every year at CES. At same time, bluetooth Technology had been improved from 1.0 version to 4.1 one now, it is can achieve CD level music for the bluetooth 4.0 version, and it is used hifi audio.You will not connect those signal input cable, only set up bluetooth connection between your bluetooth devices like as iPhone or android smartphone, tablet.Then, you can play stream music form your local disk or internel through WIFI, of course, you should install a music play, if it support to play lossless format such as WAV, APE, FLAC, APAC, it absolutely achieve CD quality. 

But do you know how it is used in PCB?  normally, it is soldered as a module where the bluetooth ic and other op ic will be soldered there, also the program will be burned on ROM inside previously.manufacturer purchase it from module supplier, which is customized by the supplier, for example display name on the host, prompt, volume..., and so on.We also provide those customizations. There is more stable and quality module that is made of CSR8645, which support apxt decoding.The moudles had been used in a lot of bluetooth speakers or amplifiers, like as FATMAN mini tube bluetooth amplifiers and other Bluetooth speakers by UK.Especially, the original manufacturer of bluetooth ic provide us strong support from PCB designing.

 It is better to start weaving your fishing nets than merely coveting fish at the water, right? If you want to  develop your high quality Bluetooth speaker or amplifier or modify your current audio system to ass wireless connection function, it will be a better choice.

This CSR8645 Rom Module Functions:
  1. Bluetooth version 4.0 plus EDR standard specification.
  2. Radio power: Class 2.
  3. Support A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4, HFP1.6(including WBS and Msbc), HSP1.2.,etc protocols.
  4. Adopt CSR voice enhancing technology of latest sixth version CVC to realize noise reduction and echo cancellation.
  5. Support multipoint connection (connection to 2 phone for voice and music)
  6. Support CSR Secure Simple Pairing, Proximity Pairing and CSR Proximity connection.
  7. Support user to define muliti-language voice prompt function.
  8. Support voice dialing / rejection calling.
  9. Support SBC, MP3, AAC, APT-X music format.
            10. Support output port: PIO / UART/SPI/AIO/SPK/MIC/USB.
            11. Built-in 16 bits stereo decoder, S/N of digital to analog convert is up to 95Db.
            12. Built-in DC DC conversion power management.
            13. Integrated Li-ion battery charging function, charging current is up to 400mA maximum.
            14. Smaller SMT package: 26.5mm*13mm*2.2mm.
            15. RoHS compliance.

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