Wednesday, March 17, 2021

How to assemble super tweeter with 5 inch long brass horn

How to assemble super tweeter with 5 inch long brass horn

This super tweeter is made of brass integrated stretching for musical instruments. The curve of horn is a natural and smooth parabola with a horn design and good sound field positioning.

The driver unit uses a 43mm diameter neodymium copper film one with a copper short-circuit ring, a high-permeability liquid, and an ultra-lightweight 40mm diaphragm made of beryllium copper to ensure that vibration quality is lighter and more air can be pushed at the same time. Makes the music spiritual and the details more real.

An alloy of beryllium and copper. It is a flexible material in copper alloys. It has high strength, elasticity, hardness, fatigue strength, small elastic hysteresis, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, high conductivity, non-magnetic, and no impact. Spark and a series of excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties.

The beryllium copper film contains 16.7% beryllium and 83.3% copper, which can make the film very thin and not easier to break than pure beryllium film. After being processed into a diaphragm, the thickness of the entire diaphragm is only 0.015 mm (1.5 wires). The 0.04mm aluminum film and 0.03mm titanium film can't be surpassed. Therefore, the analytical power is extremely strong, that is, the delicate and durable hearing with silk film, and the splendor and broadness of brass instruments.

The ultra-high magnetic circuit is composed of neodymium magnet, and it is filled with a magnetic fluid. The magnetic fluid has three functions: assisting heat dissipation, providing damping of the horn diaphragm, reducing distortion and keeping the voice coil in the center position, and acting as a centering support To find the right positioning. The speaker can also use the copper diaphragm to dissipate the heat of the voice coil into the air to increase the speaker's power. Small size and high energy, as long as you are an enthusiast, you can't miss it.

A whole super tweeter is composed of 5 components as the picture below, including to a black marble base, a holder, a tweeter component, a phase cone, and a brass corn.

When you get them, you will assemble them into a completed super tweeter, please be careful. Here, take a look how we assemble it.

1. Assembling the holder into the black marble base.

2. Dismantling tweeter component and fixing the brass horn into the nut.

3. Assembling the phase cone into the horn.

4. Assembling the tweeter into the horn

5. Finally, assembling the base that had been fixed at the first step.

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