Thursday, July 25, 2019

IWISTAO 2 Ways 4.5 Inches Bamboo Empty Enclosure 7.2L Retro Style

The 4.5 inch is a very retro size, a little bigger than 4 inches and smaller than 5 inches. In the 1990s, there were more speakers to use the size speaker unit. The cabinet design of this 4.5-inch speaker is very reasonable, its depth is increased, bass is better, and it is more in line with modern style, so that retro classic speaker reproduces its spring. Do not believe that you can listen to the video, the bass is full and flexible. Due to using high-sensitivity condenser mic, the recording background noise may be more obvious, but the effect is closer to reality.

This 4.5-inch speaker enclosure made of bamboo is compatible with 4.5 inch Sony speakers, and it is recommended that install speaker units inside as the photos showed, and will get better effect. Why is it effect better? It is not just casual to say, the built-in speaker units and the cabinet panel form a horn cavity, which increases sound pressure of the direct sound wave, reduce the treble diffraction on the panel, and then sound field becomes accurate, resolution of midrange and tremble is improved, there is a classic example that J B L flagship series that uses horn design.