Thursday, June 2, 2016

A tube headphone amplifier with the most completed functions

A tube headphone amplifier with the most completed functions

May it be a tube headphone with the most completed functions? The anwser is yes, it is one of the most completed ES9018S advanced decoder in the industry currently, which can be used as HIFI headphone amplifier or preamplifier. Built-in XMOS (U8) + ES9018S + Bluetooth CSR BC8670, all functions are currently the best configuration. With the highest level decoding solution at one time, it built in USB digital interface XMOS (U8) program to support DSD hardware decoding, also it adopted HIFI tube-transistor hybrid differential amplifier circuit for headphone with strong driving force and Bluetooth CSR BC8670 programs to support high-quality lossless transmission APTX (I2S input receiving a digital signal after ESS9018 decoding preamp output), at the same time it supports OTG input function from the smartphone. Used a unique Patent tube-transistor hybrid differential technology as discrete components core made, it achieve high-quality pre-amplifier output also.

The sound features of the preamplifier and headphone output is warm, delicate, transparent, fast, wide sound field and very dense. If your amplifier is insufficient driving force or its sound is chilled, you can use it to drive your headphones and earbuds or use it as a preamplifier; its sound quality will have significant improvement that can fully make your equipment sound achieve another higher level. Its unique patented technology for the core tube-transistor differential amplifier with full hybrid discrete components and parts designing, includes tube differential amplifier, preamplifier, driving amplification, power amplification and feedback tube recycling, combines the properties of transistors and tubes, so that it gets more delicate and gorgeous sound, and get transistor sound effect with rich transient, thickness, density of the sound quality, and higher driving force, which cannot achieve the sound quality and height if only depend on tube or transistor circuit designing.

There are main features as below.
1. DAC adopt chip ES9018S, which has 32BIT HyperstreamTM DAC patented structure, and time-domain jitter removal, as well as having a 135dB dynamic range and distortion of -120dB, it is highest level of performance in the industry today. This equipment has been full play the strength of this chip, with its high performance, enough to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.
2. With Coaxial audio signal can input straight into ES9018S for decoding, it support for external high-quality digital audio.
3. Adopted USB digital interface XMOS (U8) with the highest level of 32BIT / 384KHZ ES9018S DAC decoder IC designing in the industry, it supports DSD hardware decoding solution. The benefits of built-in USB digital interface XMOS U8 and DAC decoding integrated, it obtain the best sound quality based on the shortest distance transport.
4. With the highest levels of audio-specific CSR8670 Bluetooth chip, its support Bluetooth playing. CSR8670 is a high-quality Bluetooth 4.0 chip that supports digital output in the industry, the signal straight output into ES9018S decoding, and support for APTX lossless transmission, powerful and excellent sound quality.
5. Input selections with CD / AUX / Bluetooth / USB (OTG mobile phone support input) / COAXIAL audio.
6. Output options: Headphone output or volume controlled preamp output (balanced and unbalanced, RCA output).

7. Fully discrete power amplifier configuration designed for high-fidelity headphone amplifier, strong driving force. And on the back panel, there is Gain switch, headphone range from 8 to 1000Ω impedance adaptation completely when adjustment.