Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Use Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes our customer questions us why my Bluetooth speaker didn't work after the Bluetooth speaker is received from Online store of aliexpress. We summarize some tips to solve those and so on as below.

Firstly, it should be charged 3~4 hours when you received Bluetooth speaker because volume of battery is reduced during shipment and charging will active the battery to good condition that is a good suggestion.After charging completed, the led will be blue from red.

Secondly you will open your smartphone and go to setup menu to find Bluetooth function,at the same time you power on the Bluetooth speaker, put paring button as well click " searching Bluetooth devices" of your phone, then you will will find the name of your Bluetooth Speaker and click to complete paring, you will see the color of Bluetooth icon changed.At the moment, the paring process finished.

Finally, open your music player of your phone, enjoy Bluetooth music!

Here, we recommend two Bluetooth speaker which come from WISTAO, they are high quality and cost effective, they adopt CSR chips with Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR.
The link is http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker-Bluetooth-2-1-plus-EDR-Steoro-Supper-Bass-CSR-BC5/725205_759554755.html.
WBM2258 Bluetooth Speaker

Accessories of WBM2258 Bluetooth Speaker

Package of WBM2258 Bluetooth Speaker

AUX Connection of WBM2258 Bluetooth Speaker

Back Veiw of WBM2258 Bluetooth Speaker

Interfaces of WBM2258 Bluetooth Speaker

The other Bluetooth speaker add to play TF card function, it can play TF card up to 32G, and the link is http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Bluetooth-Speaker-CSR-BC5-chip-Support-TF-Card-Super-Bass-Bluetooth-2-1-plus/725205_1205850863.html

WBM2011 Bluetooth Speaker with TF Card

Functions of WBM2011 Bluetooth Speaker with TF Card

Front View of WBM2011 Bluetooth Speaker with TF Card

Accessories of WBM2011 Bluetooth Speaker with TF Card

Package of WBM2011 Bluetooth Speaker with TF Card

There is a video for how to use Bluetooth Speaker (example of model WBM258B), please find as below.

Any questions, please don't be hesistate to contact us.