Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Why should a toroidal transformer be shielded?

Why should a toroidal transformer be shielded?

A toroidal transformer is a type of transformer that has a doughnut-shaped core made of ferromagnetic material. Toroidal transformers have several advantages over conventional transformers, such as higher efficiency, lower weight, and smaller size. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as higher cost and higher leakage flux.

Leakage flux is the magnetic flux that escapes from the core of the transformer and induces currents in nearby conductors. This can cause interference, noise, and heating in the surrounding circuits and devices. To prevent this, a toroidal transformer should be shielded with a metal enclosure that blocks the leakage flux and reduces its effects.

Shielding a toroidal transformer can also improve its performance and safety. By reducing the leakage flux, the shielding can increase the coupling between the primary and secondary windings, which improves the voltage regulation and reduces the losses. Moreover, the shielding can protect the transformer from external magnetic fields that could saturate the core and cause overheating or damage.

Enclose the transformer in an magnetic shield enclosure to make sure it has much lower flux leakage. this kind of transformer has not only a good appearance but also high performance. It effectively reduced the magnetic flux interference to other components. And it is suitable for hi-end audio system.

There is a toroidal transformer shielded, which is developed for vacuum tube preamplifier or headphone amplifier specially. Its primary voltage is AC220v, and its secondary voltage are 170V and dual 3.15V.


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