Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Classic Vintage Gramophone Vinyl Record CD Player Retro FM Radio Bluetoo...

Classic Vintage Gramophone Vinyl Record Vintage CD Player Retro FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker 220V

It is a multi-function phonograph, which is classic appearance, full-featured with 2 speakers design, sound sweet, nostalgia. The model has two versions of the classic version and Bluetooth options, the classic version just does not have the Bluetooth function, the others are same as the Bluetooth version.


1. Seven in one function: FM radio, vinyl playback, CD disc playback, U disk playback for MP3, 3.5mm audio input, 2-RCA audio output, Bluetooth playback.

2. Small size and powerful, more suitable for customers like small-volume record player; retro square box plus modern elements of fashion design.

3. Wear-resistant ruby song sing needle, 33/45/78 three-speed switch, non-slip solid compact disc design, more smoothly play vinyl records.

4. High-performance and quality CD movement, read the disk performance more stable.

5. Double 4-inch 5W speaker unit and excellent circuit design, sound is nostalgic sweet.

6. Equipped with 3.5mm AUX input interface, you can easily connect an external audio source, play music.

7. Equipped with 2-RCA output interface for easy connection to external power amplifier.

8. Equipped with USB interface, can play MP3 format audio in U disk.

9. Support for Bluetooth playback.

10. Recommended area: 40-80 square range

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