Thursday, April 8, 2021

IWISTAO Vacuum Tube Amplifier 300B Kit Single-ended Class A 6F3 Preampli...

IWISTAO Vacuum Tube Amplifier 300B Kit Single-ended Class A No soldering 6F3 Preamplifier DIY Kits HIFI

Vacuum tube 300B is a mysterious vacuum tube with a long history, and don’t know how many music fans are fascinated. I still don’t know how many people are struggling to find its real voice. The audiophiles think that 300B is a female voice representative. But our 300B kit circuit is the embodiment of the sound of rigidity and softness. It is not only an attentive and charming woman, but also an iron and tender prince charming.

There are also rumors that the low frequency of 300B is not good. From an electrical point of view, the internal resistance of 300B is only about 800 ohms, which shows its damping coefficient is very good. Why is the rumors so? This is depended on the quality of the power supply, time constant of the circuit design and other reasons.

In fact, 300B tube is the best way to reflect the original atmosphere of music, because the tube’s characteristic curve distribution is excellent, coupled with second-harmonic sense of hearing, the mouth shape of the singer, the low-frequency tension of the chest resonance, its dynamics can be said to reach the perfect state, if regardless of the power, hundreds of thousands of transistor world-famous machines are difficult to surpass in the same power range as the 300B. From the acoustic point of view, the sound of the 300B tube amplifier is more expressive and richer, musical sense.

Our vacuum tube 300B kit has a unique acoustic and electrical regulatory concepts from the design to the selection of the output transformer.

The vacuum tube 6F3 is a relatively unpopular composite tube, which is quite a 12ax7+6p14 inside. Because of the large inventory, the price is related low, but its performance is extremely excellent, especially when it is connected as triode tube, which output internal resistance is particularly low, and linearity is good, driving 300B is absolutely no problem. In addition, many senior enthusiasts will inevitably ask, why use large loop feedback? This is our consideration of sound and stability. The large loop will sacrifice the transparency of mid and high frequencies. However, in order to improve the weakness of the low frequency of the tube, adopt the large loop can will make the internal resistance of the 300B tube amplifier lower, so that its overall sound balanced.

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