Sunday, September 4, 2016

Enjoy DIY if you need customize your parts?

 Enjoy DIY if you need customize your parts?

Audiophile‘s DIY is a fun, but also is an attitude to life. You can DIY, get your unique product, rather than a mass-produced production. When your unique design by DIY and ultimately, that is how happy thing ah!

But sometimes no all DIY ideas can be realized, such as lack to some critical equipments, and these devices are basically large, expensive ... or local manufacturers provide only high-volume production, who cannot make single one or small quantities of customized production based on your requirements can be. For example, when making or DIY tube amplifier, often the holes are opened on the top plate, frankly to say, this job, if without the special equipment to do, it may be a difficult task. Or you want to make the holes on a pure copper, which is more difficult to complete.

However, these seem more difficult to do, now it can be more easily accomplished. We now introduce such a customized service to solve the problem that quantity from one piece.

You just need tell us your requirements with your drawing, we may accept 2D or 3d format, CAD (2D) format drawings like as dwg, dxf, pdf include parts precision tolerances, surface treatment and other special requirements or processing equipment. CAD drawing format; 3D model formats include Sldprt, step, igs, stp, x-t, prt. And, parts’ material may be aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or plastic.

Through pre-sales communication, we have an offer for you. After you complete online payment, we quickly complete your order until delivery.

Welcome to telling us your requirements ...

Critical Manufacturing Equipments  

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Top or Bottom Plate Customized for Tube Amplifier Aluminum, Pure copper, Stainless steel Parts for Your DIY Amp HIFI Audio

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