Sunday, August 28, 2016

HIFI Preamplifier with 3 Ways Active Electronical Crossover Linkwitz-Riley Filter

HIFI Preamplifier with 3 Ways Active Electronical Crossover Linkwitz-Riley Filter

Although many audiophiles put a lot of money and efforts to preamplifier, unfortunately they may experiences a little frustration in final output. It is hardly difficult to solve this problem to use excellent pre-divider circuit of preamplifier plus multiple power amplifiers, our series of electronic crossover board and amplifier board can perfectly realize your dreams!

There is a  HIFI preamplifier with 3 ways electronical  crossover,whose PCBA is refer to the ESP company by US, which is set to six-channel stereo output structure to output left and right channel stereo signal, this is, output treble of left and right channel, midrange and bass of left and right channel, you can directly connect it with 6 channel amplifier circuits then drive your HIFI speakers. Pre-electronic crossover ensures original and natural sound through separated frequency of pre-amplifier small-signal, then drive power amplifier directly to push speakers, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of the studio's site.

Crossover PCBA is constituted by renowned Linkwitz-Riley filter. Linkwitz-Riley filter, mainly for the active filter circuit, for example, it is used in many sophisticated multi-way electronic crossover systems. The characteristics of this filter is up to 4 stages attenuation slope, in other words, every one octave frequency sound energy will be attenuated 24dB, i.e. attenuation slope of -24dB / Oct (Oct ie Octave, an octave interval of the mean). Meanwhile, in the entire audio band (20Hz-20kHz), Linkwitz-Riley filter has a very flat phase response, which is far better than Butterworth filter after filter signal, no phase distortion, which is widely admired by audiophiles.

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