Tuesday, November 29, 2016

IWISTAO HIFI Pure Digital Amplifier 2x150W

IWISTAO HIFI Pure Digital Amplifier 2x150W

Would you like to use a HIFI pure digital amplifier that support digital ports without a dedicated DAC? This one may be suitable for you.

This is a pure digital HIFI amplifier, that is amplified the pure digital signal directly and reduce intermediate converting. Specially, it support WIFI connection with your smart phones and tablet PCs directly, to connect the amplifier directly through WIFI. The amplifier interface is readily available, strong power, high efficiency, and green power. Compact and stylish, it is a good choice for forming a desktop audio. Sound performance, high-frequency positioning accuracy and no burr edge; middle frequency performance is thick, medium density; low frequency is jumping full force, fast response, high power output, large dynamic. Equipped with headphone output port, it can be used as a headphone amplifier also.

Stereo 2X150W HIFI Pure Digital Amplifiers with Coaxial Optical USB input


1. Use of the American TI (Texas Instruments) HIFI pure digital DSP chip TAS5548 + TAS5614 asynchronous architecture.
2. High resolution of the sound field, accurate positioning instruments, structured. Have asynchronous digital processing capability, automatic identification, and 32k - 192k seamless transition.
3. Equipped with an infrared remote control, five buttons, including the switch, volume, channel selection three kinds of functions.
4. Selected HIFI material. Whole metal casing;10A high current DC socket; high-quality input and output terminals; aluminum knobs, FeSiAl inductors, NCC Black Edition capacitors with high-frequency low resistance.

Product Specifications

1. Output Power: 2 x 150W (4ohms)
2. THD: 0.01% (35v / 1W)
3. SNR :> 95dB
4. Dynamic Range :> 105dB
5. Output Impedance: 4 - 8 ohms
6. Operating voltage range: DC 15V-35V; recommended DC32V (No including power adapter)
7. DC output plug dimension: inner -- " +", outside -- “-”; and outside Diameter is 5.5mm, Inner Diameter is 2.5mm.
8. Popularly Digital Inputs: Coaxial / Optical (24bit32k - 192k).
9. Headphone amplifier: 40mW power under 32Ω. Also headphone output can be set as another audio output for subwoofer to form 2.1 speakers system.
10. Original software control speaker protection: Optocoupler isolation outputs for each channel independently detect to protect your valuable speakers.
11. Dimensions (L * W * H): 180mm * 120mm * 35mm
12. Weight: 1kg
13. Color: Black / Gold + Black body panel
14. Accessories:
      Remote control x 1

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Power Amplifier Stereo 2X150W HIFI Pure Digital Amplifiers Audio Coaxial Optical Remote Control

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