Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bluetooth study tool---CSR8645 Rom Version Development Simulation Demo Board

Bluetooth study tool---CSR8645 Rom Version Development Simulation Demo Board (For study only)

Have you thought to develope yourself Bluetooth speaker? Maybe it is a crazy thinking, but if you have some basic Bluetooth program and hardware skills and love to DIY your things, or study this porpular and fantactic things, you can try it.Also, if you can solve that you will face problems of Bluetooth speaker development, you can try it from this CSR8645 Rom Version Development Simulation Demo Board.

Here is the board. It is fast, convenient, practical and essential tool for product developmentwith 4M FLASH for product developers . This board can be used to develop a Bluetooth headset, car handsfree, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

CSR8645 Rom Version Development Simulation Demo Board

Main features as below
1.     Provide 3W amplifier output can be directly connected to the speaker as a Bluetooth speaker using.
2.     Offers 3.5 headphone output interface, plug in headphones can be used directly as a Bluetooth headset.
3.     Provide 3.5AUX-IN port, support AUX-IN switching.
4.     MIC interface, can make and receive calls, and provides debugging Dual MIC noise cancellation.
5.     SPI debugging burning interface for easy developer debugging.
6.     Bluetooth PIN feet IO ports are reserved for development and debugging use.
7.     Buttons, eight IO ports with LED indication IO port operation.
8.     MFB provide power button and the power button to boot the boot in two ways.
9.     Three-color LED indication, LED status debugging easier.
10.  Using 4M FLASH, large space, easier debugging voice prompts.
11.  USB communication capabilities for debugging USB sound card functions.
12.  This development board backplane can be used for all other modules CSR.

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