Sunday, July 31, 2016

Listening to the world from WIFI Radio

Listening to the world from WIFI Radio

Internet technology had changed our life now.But radio always company us from its born to now, and it always keep up with the times, its family has new member -- WIFI radio except Short Wave, Medium Wave, FM one that can receive ten thousand stations from internet to play stream medias.So, you can listen to the world except your mother language.

Normally, the popular radio stations had been burned inside, and you only select a storaged station and play it, or add your favorite station into the radio by yourself.You can listen hot news, pop music, talk shows, and so on. Of course, it support FM radio,wireless connection that become more and more popular now. Also more functions had been added into it, like as Clock Alarm function, Snooze, maybe some models intergrated with Bluetooth funcion, you can use it as Bluetooth speaker.

There is this kind of WIFI radio now. The casing of this WIFI Radio is made of wooden, so it can achieve better quality sound, support Aux in and earphone output.

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