Saturday, July 9, 2016

It is just a nostalgic mood for tube stereo FM radio head kit

It is just a nostalgic mood for tube stereo FM radio head kit

Maybe, it is just an other nostalgic mood for the tube FM radio head, even most of FM radio that is made of ICs today. But, When you put the tube FM radio head or use a casint to install it inside,and then turn tuning the quadruple air capacitor to listen, it seems to have returned to the old days of childhood, everything becomes more and more comfortable.

At this moment, you are listen the warm and soft sound from it, perherps broadcast content has become less important, it is important that but it is one with the thoughts that fly mood. . . . . 

This tube FM radio head kit had been hit market now, you only will connect a power transfomer, amplifier system, speaker. Of course, it is best that the tube radio head kit is installed in a casing, we will release a completed tube FM head later.

The upgrade version 

The previous version

This tube FM radio head adopted tube 6C11. Its signal reception and treatment adopted classical tube circuit, Exclude the mono FM signal output, it also used TA7343 as a stereo decoder that then result in stereo output if you need listen stereo FM signal. After FM signal input power amplifier system for amplification, you will listen to FM radio with musical tube sound.

More details, please visit IWISTAO Tube FM Stereo Radio Head Kit

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