Sunday, September 18, 2022

How to drill the holes for IWISTAO Empty Speaker Cabinets

 How to drill the holes for IWISTAO Empty Speaker Cabinets

Sometimes most of audiophiles like to DIY their audio equipments like as preamplifier, power amplifier, and speakers. They will more time and efforts, but they do like to do it, it is a fun and to get strong senses of achievement when it is finished, maybe it save much money, exercise thinking and hands-on ability,  and acquire certain professional competence.

This is why audiophiles love it!

Here, we provide you more empty speaker cabinet to DIY their speakers, you just buy your favorite speaker units, and fix them into the speaker cabinet, and we can customize to drill the holes according to the size of your units or the drawing.

We use a CNC machine to drill the holes, and there is a short video to show that how the holes are drilled below. 


You may find the empty speaker cabinets here, there are more than 200 models for your selected from full range unit to 2 ways, 3 ways speakers, and also from sealed, inverted, to labyrinth structure speakers. 

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