Monday, June 20, 2016

Wireless Bluetooth Class A Single-ended Tube Amplifier

Wireless Bluetooth Class A Single-ended Tube Amplifier 

Would you like to get a tube amplifier that is support wireless Bluetooth connection? If yes, you will play music through your Bluetooth enabled devices like as smartphone and tablet, or some notebooks, and then your can play lossless format music like as WAV, APE, AALC, FLAC,.etc after you install music player in your Bluetooth enabled devices. As you known, the sound of signal-ended tube amplifier can provide you warm, soft sound quality because its tube characteristics and class A single-ended outputs.

This is a class A tube amplifier with wireless Bluetooth 4.2 technology, its Bluetooth module adopted CSR64215 Bluetooth 4.2 chip which support supports APT-X lossless audio transmission, the transmission speed is faster and better sound quality.

Except wireless Bluetooth signal transmission, it also supports Aux-in at the back. With automatically audio signal switching function , it is able to effectively prevent crosstalk that using relay signal to switch signals, and the original signal aux can remain through state even without the power to the Bluetooth board. The automatic switching function that default is aux audio signals, it automatically switch to Bluetooth mode when Bluetooth signals input; However, when no Bluetooth signal or Bluetooth playback pause automatically, signal transmission switch to aux mode signal.

Wireless Bluetooth Classa Signal-ended Tube Amplifier

Back view of Wireless Bluetooth Classa Signal-ended Tube Amplifier 

Lighting of Wireless Bluetooth Classa Signal-ended Tube Amplifier 

The tube amplifier adopted vacuum tube 6P1 which is a special audio tube is used to produce a small single-ended Class A tube amplifier with a mellow natural sound, sweet and warm, especially when listening to the vocal performance is very rich, very good acoustic performance, transparent and you will not be tired even listening for a long time. Use it to listen to the human voice, piano, strings, zither, etc., more natural, never tired.

This small single-ended Class A tube amp adopted tube 6n2 as a preamplifier, 6P1 as power stage output, its design is simple and the elegant, suitable for placing in the study, bedroom ..., so relax, and you can truly feel the music mood, listen to the voice of the soul.

More details, please visit the link,

Tube Amplifier Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Single-ended Class A Desktop 6N2 Preamp 6P1 Power Stage 2x3.5W APT-X

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