Saturday, December 19, 2015

Enjoy DIY 300B Tube Anplifier PCBA Kit With Free Testing

Enjoy DIY 300B Tube Anplifier PCBA Kit With Free Testing

A lot of HIFI audiophiles like to do DIY 300B tube amplifier with scaffold-soldering way previously, but that is a great engineering and too much wiring, reliability and performance may be affected, also its appearance does not look good. Now, there are well-made PCBA instead of scaffolding soldering, the problems above will be completely resolved, and it is not difficulties since then. Because the PCBA board is free testing, and its manufacturing difficulties is equal to assemble a LM1875 amplifier. 

You can use this kit to build your 300B tube amplifier.Framework of the 300B tube amplifier kit adopts 6SN7 plus 300 B single-ended outputs. And this 300B PCB material is 2.0 thick double copper immersions gold. Output transformers are made of high-grade silicon steel plate Z11, and used imported electronic vacuum tubes.

The below are related components used.

 300B PCB
300B PCB

300B PCBA with tube

300B PCBA with tube

Today, PSVANE vacuum tube has become synonymous with top-level in the industry. Not only do the HIFI audiophiles flock it worldwide, but also a lot of tube amplifiers upgrade to PSVANE as a selling point in for oversea and domestic market.

300B tube

5H Choke Coil

300B Output Transformer

3OOB Power Transformer

300B Casing

The effect after assembled.

Finished 300B tube amplifier

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