Sunday, November 29, 2015

A tool to improve sound of HIFI Speaker-- Shock Spike & Mat Kit DIY

A tool to improve sound of HIFI Speaker-- Shock Spike & Mat Kit DIY

It is very simple that working principle of shock spikes, that is by reducing contact area to increases the pressure of speakers or amplifier device, thereby restrain vibration generated by the end of the jump instant, stable to direct wave. And absorb, attenuate the shock given by the equipment itself, block external shock given.

In order to achieve these two points, materials of shock absorbers nail must be three characteristics, high-quality, high hardness, high shock attenuation rate.

Although quality steel has the characteristics of high quality, high hardness, it is lack of high attenuation. In this regard, we put material with high attenuation characteristics to combine with the steel to obtain this "three high" characteristics. After a series of material screening, we finalize the selection of quality SUS304 stainless steel and graphite polymer combinations. Through debugging proportion for materials used, we finally completed this spikes.

The sound character of nails is very thick density, while maintaining the sense of low frequency, which greatly improves line and solid feeling of high-frequency, and expand the ends of frequency response widely, three-bands is equalized, has excellent control in large dynamic, and open sound field as if the music has injected vitality, flew alive! This upgrade is definitely more important than the change of signal cable or power one.

HIFI Speaker Shock Spike & Mat Kit

HIFI Speaker Shock Spike & Mat 

3M Sticker

Two diameter

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