Saturday, October 10, 2015

IWISTAO Tube Preamplifier with Matisse Fantasy Line Stage GE 5670W for Your Upgrading Car Audio

It is a Tube Preamplifier with Matisse Fantasy Line Stage GE 5670W, and its power supply is DC 12V, you may use it to update your car audio system from the DC12V.

The main feature of Matisse Fantasy Line Stage is sweet mellow sounds, calm and powerful low-frequency sound field is very open, like a sense of the scene, and here it goes without saying! Since tube preamp birth, it is well known as its design concept for distinguished from commonplace, pure and transparent sound quality to really spotless, and become a world-class reference.

The circuits adopt British famous circuit of Matisse Fantasy Line Stage, and with 12VDC power supply (Recommanded Power supply: DC12V / 1A ). The HIFI Tube Pre-Amplifier is made of HIFI imported components like as United States AB resistance, which can bring a sense of warm and soft vocals, Philips filter capacitor charging and discharging more reliable, Germany ERO coupling capacitor to that make the sound more balance, ALPS potentiometer sound good but also durable, gold-plated contacts Cinch make the connection more reliable and greatly reduce transmission of resistance signals.

Also there is vedio to paly music and it is taken by iPhone 5S.

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