Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is an Operational Amplifier?---OpAmps Tutorial Vedio

What is an Operational Amplifier?---OpAmps Tutorial Vedio

Operationl Amplifier, especially OP IC had been used in Power Amplifer as preamplifier or other functions. 

There is a excellent OP IC with metal seal, this is LME49720,which is ultra-low distortion rate; it is a professional audio op amp that is able to achieve total harmonic distortion and noise performance under 0.00003% or less in the world's only, and pursued and loved by many audiophiles around the world.

LME49720HA is one of the most top HIFI op amps IC in the world, low noise, high slew rate, wide operating voltage range and output current, etc., high overall performance is unprecedented, and can easily meet the most demanding audio application requirements. Ideal for professional and high-end audio system, it can be widely used in high fidelity buffer amplifier, high-fidelity active filters, high-fidelity headphone amplifier, high-fidelity phono equalizer amplifier, high-quality audio amplifier, high-fidelity preamplifier, high-fidelity multimedia, high-performance professional audio, high-fidelity balanced network, high-performance line drives, high-performance line receiver, mixer, etc. with the division.

LME49720HA is National Semiconductor's new generation of "op-amp of the Emperor", LM4562HA upgrade, sounds beautiful noble, comprehensive and balanced, clean sound at the end, natural, high analytical, dynamic large, low dive deep, IF full, people sound sweet and moist, high frequency transparent, delicate soft, contagious.

Operating voltage: ± 2.5V ~ ± 17.0V
Harmonic distortion: 0.00003%
Noise Density: 2.7nV / √ ^ Hz
Conversion Rate: 20V / μs

But,do you know know-how of Operatial Amplifier. If you want to know more, please find the vedio below.

Also, there is a Closs A Headphone Amplifier and it is a preamplifier with OP IC LME49720HA, its sound is great.


Metal seal LM47910

Headphone Amplifier with OP LM47910 WDAC-02A(IN2l)



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