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Personalized Ultra-Class A (Class AA) Headphone Amplifier with Portable Design

Personalized Ultra-Class A (Class AA) Headphone Amplifier with Portable Design

Audiophiles had asked me, or whether the device or circuit determines the sound quality? In our experience, the answer is, circuit design, technology and debugging is more to decide sound, HIFI devices, op amp selection and personalized tone tuning is more to define Timbre. It is so-called HIFI to focus on quality, high-fidelity idea. The HI-END is integrated personalized tuning philosophy into the trend to the highest HIFI level.

There is a portable headphone amplifier that is designed according to the concepts as above. 

Portable Ultra-Class A (Class AA) Headphone Amplifier--Gray

Portable Ultra-Class A (Class AA) Headphone Amplifier -- Black

Personalized design, all aluminum casing, ultra-thin body. Circuit structure used a ultra-Class A (Class AA) circuit, because voltage amplifier stage of Class AA headphone amplifier is equivalent to a no-load state, no matter how the load followed by the headphone, it will not affect the voltage amplifier stage of work, which is common Amplifiers can not achieve that status. As results, it will make a very real interpretation of the music, space and very good positioning performance, and efforts to extend the sense of sound performance; it is just a little weird. In addition, we use HIFI grade components and process to make it, and bring a better listening experience.

It's PCBA inside

Selection aspect of the op amp, we used OP IC OPA2604 plus LM4562 match, we passed several tests comparing those match, we find that they can complement each other; If the preamp use OPA2604, and power stage use LM4562, we tested them with a 20KHz square wave, which output waveform distortion is very small. From the listening sensation, LM4562 relatively straightforward, OPA2604 more beautiful!

OP Amplifier used


1.       Output power: 320mW (at 32 ohm)
2.        Headphone Impedance: 16 ~ 300 ohms
3.       Total Harmonic distortion: <0.0005%
4.       Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20Hz
5.       SNR :> 110dB
6.       Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 1200mAH
7.       Weight: 0.5kg
8.       Dimension (L * W * H): 100 mm * 61mm * 13mm
9.       Color: Black / Silver/Gray
10.       Accessories
    3.5mm audio cable x 1
    USB charging cable x 1

3 color selections

Appliccations by audiophiles

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