Sunday, October 28, 2012

iWST Water Drop Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth 2.1 Portable Elegant Quality Sound (WBM2201)

iWST  Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth 2.1 Portable Elegant Water Drop Quality Sound (WBM2201) 

It like a water droplets of dawn which fall from green lotus leaf on pond!
It’s compact, exquisite and portable, the "drop" adopt bionic shape. What is it? It is a Bluetooth speaker (WBM2201) and hit market by Shenzhen Wistao technology recently. And it built in a quality, stability, and high performance Bluetooth module which adopt Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standard; Once it is connected with your smart mobile terminal (iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone, Tablet PC, Notebook, etc.) with Bluetooth connection, you can broadcast a wireless Bluetooth music, and its built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery internal, you no longer need to connect any cables or it can be placed in your favorite place, whether indoors or outdoors, or your bedroom with den, you can enjoy the wonderful wireless music; It’s beautiful sound, strong bass, can be filled with any of your indoor space.
Also it built in high-performance microphone, you can use it to answer the call hands-free; when a call comes in, the music player will switch to the phone call; a calling is end, music playback will automatically resume. Free to switch calls and listen to music!
It’s variety of colors to choose from emerald green, passion red, ivory white, classic black, there is always one your love.
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