Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC and APT-X Technology

Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC and APT-X Technology

There is a saying, only you cannot think, but not impossible, your heart how far you can go far
For consumer electronics products, it has a property of general consumer products like as stylish appearance, in line with the characteristics of consumer tastes and trends. There are two ways to achieve industrial design but nothing more than the geometry or the bionic, this speaker with a geometric shape plus imitation of an object, and it is a "pill" imitation, specifically like a capsules which we eat a capsules usually when we have a cold. On the other hand, it is a "Times" of electronic products, it use NFC and APT-X technology. So, this Bluetooth speaker is a "Times" and the fashion consumer electronic products. It can play wonderful music with an NFC-enabled mobile phones to use “contact" mode like as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia contact the speaker. APT-X technology can be "easy and instant" spread music, and allows you to enjoy wonderful HIFI one. (More Bluetooth speaker information, please visit Wistao Technology website http://www.wistao.com)
Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC & Apt-x

Pill Bluetooth Speaker with NFC & APX-T Technology

t is a smallish, about 190cm, diameter 45cm with four speakers, and it booms bass in every room of the house without connecting any cables. The Pill frees you to roam which means you’ll always have high quality sound near or far, because communication distance for the Bluetooth speaker is up to 100m (30 feet).
The pill weighs only 310g, small and portable enough to hand into the backpack, it can also be taken to outdoor, can be placed anywhere where you want. Built-in high-performance microphone that it has become a standard Bluetooth speaker, you can use it hands-free Bluetooth calling.

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