Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Influence Audio development of the two epoch-making technology - Bluetooth and MP3

Influence Audio development of the two epoch-making technology - Bluetooth and MP3 

We always like a stylish and fashion consumer electronic products like as iPhone or other smart phone, which have a lot of function such as playing music, playing game, reading, taking photos and other something except calling. But do you know it have two more favorite functions of playing music and Bluetooth configuration, which didn’t exist 20 years ago.

Let us guess: you’re probably reading this article on a laptop using high-speed internet. This article is probably competing for your attention against five other open tabs within your Google Chrome or IE browser. Metallica might be playing in the background, or even the Jackson 5.

But do you remember when all of that didn’t exist? Think back to a time when commercial music was still a luxury and concert tickets were purchased at a physical kiosk. Can’t do that? We must be getting old.

The fact is that the aforementioned technologies didn’t exist 20 years ago. We’re talking about a time before MP3s, iPhones, and Bluetooth. It was the dark days so prepare for a wild ride through tech history courtesy of your tour guides at Wistao Technology, the manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers and HIFI Bluetooth Acoustics. (more Bluetooth product information, please visit http://www.wistao.com/en/index).

1. Bluetooth - This beast of an invention, and arguably it’s favorite technology, was originally conceived in 1994 by Ericsson as an alternative to the old RS-232 data cables. Before long it was discovered that Bluetooth could connect many devices as a short range receiver that wouldn’t steal too much energy.The technology was soon introduced to numerous devices that allowed for hands-free calls, mass data sharing, and more. Now you can thank Bluetooth for many of your daily tasks including using your car for hands-free calling, wireless control of your cell phone, and yes listening to music on your Bluetooth speaker.

2. MP3 - We shudder when we remember jamming to Jewel on our old Walkmans. Jewel is still fantastic but the archaic technology with minimum storage capacity still haunts our nightmares. The MP3 file type was originally released to consumers in 1993 and only began to hit the internet in the latter half of 1994. With its introduction, consumers were able to easily compress songs meaning that more could fit onto a CD. This invention ultimately led the digital music revolution and became the forefather for how you consume music today.


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