Monday, June 17, 2024

Rude Boy from IWISTAO HIFI Tube Preamplifier 6N8P Preamp 6Z5P Rectifier

This is a tube preamplifier with tube rectifier and linear pre-amplifier stage that is made of tube 6N8P as preamp and tube 6Z5P as tube rectifier.

Designed as a modified non- negative feedback amplified outstanding circuit, and adopt HIFI components manufactured, to ensure that the volume of cases in any accurate sound field , rich layering; high frequency is slim and sleek, beautiful sounds. Singer’s dental and the slightest breathing switched sound could be heard clearly, music rich, sensual fruity, sweet vocals.

Adopting two-stage direct-coupled amplifier circuit, strong vacuum tube flavor, deep extension at both ends, and large dynamic range. 

The chassis is made of red walnut wood, 20mm thick solid wood rather than veneer, with rose gold mirror stainless steel top plate, appear luxury.

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