Monday, February 7, 2022

Gui Hui ZHui Jiu from Wood Horn Super Tweeter plus 4 inch Full Range Speaker

Gui Hui ZHui Jiu from IWISTAO Wood Horn Super Tweeter plus 4 inch Full Range Speaker

This super treble uses a diamond titanium film as drive diaphragm with Sapele solid wood horn. On the whole, it looks high-end and generous. The outside of drive head is shielded with pure aluminum. And, the magnets are made of high-end Y35 aerospace one, its magnetic gap magnetic field is more than 20,000 GS.
What is the role of super tweeter? Why use super tweeter?
If you feel the sound is very dark and lacks vitality when you are listening to music, it means that high frequency or super high part is not enough. It is necessary to add super tweeter ,  after then, the whole sound will live, sound of the instrument in the ear, and percussion sound fills the whole space…
The crossover point of super high frequency sound is generally recommended to be 10K/12K/15KHz. At frequencies above 10Khz, the human ear is not very sensitive, which has the need to add super tweeter.
You can use a professional super treble crossover, or you can simply series a corresponding capacitor on the positive pole of super tweeter.

Of course, if the sensitivity of super tweeter is higher than your current mid-bass or full-range unit, it is also necessary to series a resistor and then a capacitor.

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