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How to DIY Your Speakers with IWISTAO Labyrinth Empty Cabinet

How to DIY Your Speakers with IWISTAO Labyrinth Empty Cabinet

Currently, audiophiles may buy a pair of empty speaker cabinets from internet like as IWISTAO which is a professional HIFI speaker cabinet supplier, or buy empty speaker cabinet kits that is not assembled, you may assemble it by yourself, and then you save a lot of money and enjoy your DIY's process.

After you receive a blank empty cabinet that isn't painted paint or wood wax oil, you may paste PVC leather with your liked color and pattern, there is an example for so-called self-adhesive PVC leather as below showed, it is black and wood texture pattern.

After remove the protection paper, it is self-adhesive glue.

Now, we will share the decoration and diy process step by step.

1. After you get a blank empty speaker cabinet, you will polished it with sandpapers or electrical tools to remove those burrs in order to smooth the speaker cabinet's surfaces. 

2. Finished polished process, then we need coat putty into little holes or some pits, and smooth them with a little shovel.

Of course, there still need to polished after the putty is dry, it will take 24 hours but if you use a hair dryer to dry it, it will accelerate drying speed.

3. Paste PVC leather. 

You may paste PVC leather on one surface without any little bubble to smooth it full flat. 

Then cut off the rest out of the surface by utility knife carefully, specially notice the junction between the surfaces handling.

Finished one surface, then would handle the other 5 surfaces with same process.

4. Finished the PVC pasted for six surfaces.

5. Fix speaker unit. Here, we select 6.5 inch Mark full range speaker unit.

A). Drill the guide holes according to your unit size

 B). Gasket seal

C). Connect speaker wires to the terminals of unit. Notice its polarities (+ / -).

D). Lock screws

6. All done

All processes are finished, you just need to connect to your power amplifier to burn in for some times.

If you are interested in the labyrinth speaker kits or assembled cabinet, you may find here, we have more models for full range speaker unit from 4 inches to 10 inches.

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