Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Chen Mo Shi Jin Come from 5 Inch HIFI Coaxial Speaker

Chen Mo Shi Jin Come from 5 Inch  HIFI Coaxial Speaker

It is a 5-inch coaxial bookshelf speaker, coaxial structure can reduce transmission path, then physically reduce distortion. 

It is a small size, large energy coaxial speaker, and its sound field is comparable to high-quality 6.5-inch two Crossover speakers. Also, it can be very calm within 40 square meters space, accurate sound source positioning, good feeling out of the box, precise image formation, very mellow and rounded, transparent, smooth high frequency, not irritable, clear, Lively and charming, listenable..., 

The cantonese song Chen Mo Shi Jin Come from this 5 Inch HIFI Coaxial Speaker.

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