Monday, December 14, 2020

A HIFI CD Player with Dual Vacuum Tube 6N3/GE5770 Output

A HIFI CD Player with Dual Vacuum Tube 6N3/GE5770 Output

This is a HIFI CD player with vacuum tube output, and product quality is reliable and very stable, durable, good effect. As a high quality CD player, the key parts are movement and decoding. The CD player adopted high quality movement and its servo circuit clock using active crystal, reducing the shaking of movement, so that it has very strong and accurate reading disc ability. And, its decoding part adopted absolute praise DAC decoder chip PCM1795).

About its output part, it adopted vacuum tube to amplify the output, which has a low internal resistance, good linearity, the so-called digital sound for CD player had greatly improved. With this tube CD player, you are no longer a junior audiophile, its sweet sound you will miss, and unforgettable.

Our engineers specialized in sound sourcing for CD player and decoder design, and have more than 15 years experiences, and our goal is to pursuit perfect sound quality. Researching and development for our products must undergo a rigorous testing and tuning, product type approval or appraisal must pass a number of audition and tuning and trial run.

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