Saturday, September 19, 2020

Don't decorate your dreams from FU50 single-end tube amplifier

Don't decorate your dreams from Terence Tsoi

Foobar2000 player Win 10 + FU50 single-end tube amplifier + HIFI 2awy Speaker.

Advantages of single-ended class A tube amp are that sound is pure and delicate, high-frequency extension of natural human voice, strings are very attractive, especially in triode connection was the most prominent. Because the operating point is selected on the linear characteristic curve segment, nonlinear distortion is relatively small, even harmonic content is high, but also very good sound effects, sound quality is beautiful moist, sweet and pleasant, like as the taste of multi-harp. The unit adopts tube FU50 also called small 300B as power stage, natural and smooth, mellow voice, has a very strong tube taste with expectations.

Designed with a switch for 5 signal inputs, they are MM phono, CD / DVD drive, USB decoder, AUX line, MP3/PC. And designed independence channel to exclude interference between different inputs to ensure no matter what audio input, the unit will not be impacted by other audio input and sound. And you can choose the different signal source according to individual needs.

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