Thursday, September 5, 2019

IWISTAO Bluetooth Speaker Handmade Vintage Pure Solid Wood 2x15W AUX U Disk MP3 WAV FLAC

If you are tired the Bluetooth speaker by mass production and want to find a unique Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality, you can come here to check it out.

The cabinet is made of 13MM thick sandalwood board with high density and rigidity. The panel is made of 8MM thick oak board with sharp texture and good toughness. Its structure is embedded with 45° angled slot and has high stability. It achieves a 400-mesh surface treatment and is coated with wood wax oil to maintain its natural color, feel good and easy to care.

Handmade products are more or less awkward and cannot be compared to the products produced by assembly line. If you are a perfectionist, this speaker may not be suitable for you.


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