Wednesday, July 31, 2019

IWISTAO Passive Preamplifier Kit Unbalanced to Balanced/RCA to XLR/Signa...

IWISTAO Passive Preamplifier Kit Unbalanced to Balanced/RCA to XLR/Signal Input Transformer

When you use your mobile phone or computer to listen to music, you will find that the sound is small, the details are small, and the dynamic is thin, their sound quality aren’t full and pleasant like as CD player, decoder. This is because the output value of mobile phone and computer is 0.2-0.5V audio voltage only, while the existing power amplifier is generally designed with an input voltage of 0.75-1.2V. This intermediate voltage difference requires a 2x amplification boost value. Now the 1:2 signal boosting transformer solves this disadvantage.

1:2 signal boosting transformer, balance transformer, and inverter transformer, that is a passive boosting transformer developed to compensate for low signal output of computers and mobile audio sources in the existing market. Make the ordinary sound source close to the effect of CD player signal one. And, if CD player connected the signal boosting transformer to power amplifier, its sound will be even more powerful. After the audio signal pass the boosting transformer and amplify, it will output a stable impedance, it will lead to its signal transmission is fidelity, and its sound field positioning is better!

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